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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Bacchanal Carnival Finale

Now after that bit of unfortunate news yesterday, I will turn my focus back to the grand finale of the 2009 Bacchanal Carnival season here in Jamaica. On Saturday night I found myself at the After Party on Oxford Road in New Kingston after leaving work at midnight. I figured, since it was so near why don't I just go up there and chill out for a while. I have never been to one of those Water parties before, but as the name suggests it involved a lot of water. So after going inside and meeting up with some of my friends I secured my phone, wallet and car keys, as I was prepared for some soaking action. The music played and then they ca;;ed for the water and the water did come, jetting from the gigantic hoses used by the water trucks. I certainly got soaked, dancing to a mix of Soca and Dancehall songs. The crowd danced, wined and grind to the music as the water sprayed their gyrating bodies.

On Sunday morning I woke up bright and early... well not really I got up at about 10:00 am, come on, after all that party you didn't expect me to be up by 6:00 am right! I got myself together and after a large breakfast I hooked up with my regular Carnival road march friend and a new addition to the crew who is into photography. Then all three of us headed out to the road and met up with the Carnival massive at Lady Musgrave road. At that time the sun was pelting, but my eagerness to take photos was too strong to be discouraged by the heat, as as such the photography began. By mid afternoon we were on Trafalgar road and the sky had darkened, threatening the revelers and the many photographers who paved the streets. But alas, we only got an extremely light drizzle, so light that I didn't even had to cover my camera. So with the cooler conditions and the softer lighting of the overcast sky the reveling, gyrating, wining, posing, and photography continued. The Road march had quite a few costumed revelers, not as much as in previous years, but still enough to resemble Carnival of years gone by. However, the number of bystanders, followers and even photographers seem to be holding strong in numbers. I managed to get quite a few shots, over 700, yeah mi know that nuff! Not all are great shots, but I managed to get quite a few good ones in the lot. Having a DSLR certainly makes it easier to get those special shots quickly and people to pose for you, hehehe. I must admit it, Jamaica has some of the most beautiful and sexiest women in the world! So without further ado, as I know you all want to see pictures, here are some of the shots I took. As usual I will be posting some on my photoblog and I am thinking of uploading the lot to a gallery. I will let you know about the gallery if I do.

11 commented:

apparently there is only one way to dance when one is at Carnival

kudos on the soca soft porn stunner

wait til you get the zoom lens with the lens hood. nothing can stop ya then

so you got 700 photos. wicked. and the battery didnt die?

did you shoot at auto or you change up the settings? i just curious cause i'm preparing for caribana in two months.

@Tami: They are!

@GC: Yep wining, grinding and gyrating!

@Gussie: LOL! I bet nuff people conceived on Sunday, cause they must be aroused after all that dry action!

@Jdid:Man, I can't wait to get it! It was delivered to my sis in NY. Now I'm just waiting on someone to come down so I can beg them carry it.

The battery eventually died after I reached 700+ and I was using flash. Pretty good huh!

I used the Program mode. It's the same as the Auto mode but it's a bit more flexible. In situations like Carnival I didn't have the time to jump between modes and normally you only have one quick chance to get a specific shot.

Woman on man's head on the road is a classic....

The one thing I do love about fete's is how every woman is appreciated, small, large, medium....all get's an equally good feel up...;)

Ahhh boy.Stunner your eyes really had a good feast eh. Well, I hope it was only your eyes that feasted:)

is it just me or did nobody else notice anything odd about the last two photos?

Oh goodness gracious, I picked up what Adrian is talking about.

Yes, it is a bit odd, the one with the people in the gold costume. I guess its a sandwich gone terribly wrong!

Not sure what's wrong with the other one but I do see one woman's hand squashed in the groin of the other woman. Or maybe I'm just looking to closely. lolol.

not my kinda crowd but cool pictures

Joel! These are great :)
It seems I need to get a few lessons from you. I am still uploading mine on facebook, I am yet to start up a blog or an online gallery