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Friday, April 17, 2009

Bits & Pieces

Isn't it just scary how quick the week has gone by? Damn, I know I have said something similar quite a few times before, but it just amazes me... or should I say scare me how time is just jetting by! So what has been going on in the life of Stunner for this week and what are the plans for the weekend?

I woke up on Thursday morning to overcast skies, but I didn't get my hopes up for that thing... uh, what's the name again... oh yes, rain! See, it has been so long since we got a good shower of rain here in Kingston, as it has been sunny, dry and windy. By mid afternoon as I was about to step through the door i heard a vaguely familiar sound, it was rain! It sounded so good as it hit the many surfaces in it's path and that smell of the warm, dry ground being quenched by the rain drops was so refreshing. It didn't fall very hard or for very long, but we got a good shower for a decent few hours. this was just enough to drop the temperature a little and keep down the angry raging dust that masked every conceivable surface as it danced in the wind. It has all gone by now though, but it was good to finally see a shower after such a long time. I am hoping for some more rain...not every day though... and not this Sunday!

I finally got my UV filter for my camera, which I purchased on Amazon and shipped to Jamaica via Global Couriers. Now I can feel a whole lot more comfortable using my camera as I don't have to worry about my lens getting scratched. Also the UV filter is supposed to protect my lens from UV rays as well as enhance the quality of the photos. I also collected my lens pen and micro cleaning cloth which I ordered along with the filter. Damn dutty, teifing customs pissed me off though, as the charged me fees and duties summing up to almost a half of the price of the items I purchased! Danville yuh a gwaan bad star! No wonder why people try to evade customs duties, they are too damn high! On another note, I have splurged... yes I have purchased the zoom lens (55-200mm) as I really need the zoom capability to get the shots I want. I got it on Amazon for just over US$20o. Unfortunately it is being delivered to my sister's place and I will have to wait until someone is coming down from New York to "smuggle" it in for me. No star, mi cyaan pay Danvil;e 47% in custom fees, that's almost US$100! So Next on the list is a bigger camera bag and a speed light! Donations anyone?

This weekend is the culmination of the Carnival season, the grand Finale! Jokers Wild, Jouvert, the great paint-up-paint-up weekend and then finally the road march! Unfortunately due to embarrassing financial constraints and lack of familiar company (my usual paring brethren), Jouvert will not be seeing my face... if it was I wouldn't be typing this post... [pouting]. No doubt I will hear how wonderful it was and I will see all the raunchy pictures... [sigh]. Nevertheless, I am thinking of going to the Water Party after work tomorrow night, so if that works out I should have some fun. Sunday, however, is the big day for me, yes it's the road march. Why am I so looking forward to it? No. I'm not jumping in costume with the bands, behind the big truck! I will be heading to the road march though, yes to test out my new Nikon D60 DSLR with the newly acquired UV filter! I was hoping to have the zoom lens for this occasion, but that will not be. So I will have to make do with what I have, hopefully I will still manage to get some good shots!

Anyway people, I went to gym this evening and as a result the sleep has crept in. So even though I just saw that CSI Miami is on and I could amuse myself with Caruso's over dramatic one liners, my bed seems more enticing at this moment. Further more the sleep will spare me the torture of being home while Jouvert is entertaining countless hot girls... I mean people.

10 commented:

You have to pay to go Jouvert? Not sure I understand it.

oh crap. I'm heading into Kingston this Sunday. I thought road march was LAST weekend & avoided kingston entirely because of that.


Although...maybe if i get in early i'll be able to get some photos!

LOL, hush,i didn't go either this year. Water party later, here i come.

we got a nice light shower the other day...was refreshing. I walked in the rain. Nope. No cold. But was nice.

PS CAruso's one-liners are NOT overly dramatic!! Altho, in my opinion, nobody can touch Grissom...

Go paparazzi! I'm eagerly awaiting the carnival pics. Try "manual" zoom.

manual zoom lol I remember the first time a photographer told me about foot zooming :p

I don't think that would work out well for the carnival environment.

hoya filter! good man
i plan on working my zoom lens come caribana.

I enjoyed this post...especially the description of the rain....well done. I'll join the crusade to rid us of Danville and his dastardly laws:)jus call mi when yuh ready.

@Abeni: Yep, nothing nuh free in Ja.

@Ann (MobayDP): Hope you got to take some pics.

@Tami: Did you make it to the party, I passed through after work.

@Ruthibelle: It was indeed refreshing! Of course they are, he always leans a certain way and take off his shades.

@Gussie: LOL! I doubt I'm remotely close to the paparazzi. Well I had to do quite a few "manual" zooming.

@Adrian: I agree Adrian, oh how I wished I had a zoom lens!

@Jdid: Yup, it got the best reviews and it's multi-coated, so no glares and reflections. I'm sure you won't regret buying the zoom lens at the parade.

@Emanicipated?: Thank you, I'm glad you liked it :) And thank yo for joining my cause, now we just need to find a name for our movement and start recruiting more people to carryout our master plan of overthrowing evil!

i love the vibrancy of the kelley green in the pic. i'll bring your lens down if someone can drop me off in Treasure Beach in a month for Calabash!