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Saturday, April 04, 2009

One More Year to the Tally

When I was young, much younger, like in my pre-teens and even into my teens, I couldn't wait until I grew up. It always seemed that adults had more fun, made money, didn't have parental rules, had their own place and hence privacy and grew facial hair. I wanted to be a big man, doing my own thing, like as ad adult seemed like it was the shiznik. I had so many dreams, things I wanted to do, what I wanted to be, where I wanted to be, everything seemed so clear-cut.

But now looking back I realized those were the good old days! Things aren't as clear cut as they used to look, I have my freedom but all that freedom came with a lot of responsibilities. There are so many life changing decisions to be made and so many consequences to each action I decide to take. Now, life doesn't seem as long and as full of endless possibilities as it used to. In fact, it seems to be quite the opposite, life feels much shorter and time seems so limited, all the possibilities have become narrowed down by the realities of life. So as I approach my third decade, I realize even more than ever that getting older is definitely not the same as it was when I was when I was in my teens.

On the other hand, even though my life isn't as good as I had envisioned it, I still have a lot to be thankful for. Firstly, I'm still alive, which is a big deal considering how easy it is to loose one's life these days. I am still working, not the dream job, but it pays the bills, I have a car, something my parents never had, a roof over my head even though it's rented, a decent education... BEng nuh too bad, great friends, gf, family and of course there is God to turn to for help.

I still do look back and wish I could go back and correct the past, undo the mistakes I made, capitalized on all the opportunities I missed, had more fun with my younger period of youth. But unlike Microsoft Word, there is no Undo button in life, so I guess all I can do is to try and make the most of the future, however short and uncertain it is, as there is still many possibilities ahead.

The hand of time keeps on turning and life keeps on churning...

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A reflective Stunner, how..odd.

I get what you're saying though and trust me its only down hill from here:)

Yeah, we all have to be reflective at times. Oh yeah, it's downhill and it gets steeper every year!

Happy Birthday to you!

If you went back and changed all the things you thought you didn't do correctly, you might not be here at this moment writing this blog. The one thing you will learn in your 30s is that life is too short to regret anything. Live, learn and love to the fullest. That's the best you can really do.

Thanks Longbench! Someone said the same thing you said to me when I told them I wish I could go back and make some changes. I guess you are right, "Live, learn and love to the fullest."

happy birthday.

serious post. wow.

good wishes for the rest of your life... may the best of your past be the worst of your future [think about it, it makes sense :)]

NB some time in the near future, getting rid of that word verification thingie for commens would just be wunn-derr-full!

Damn, and who told you there is a time limit on these things,
"undo the mistakes I made, capitalized on all the opportunities I missed, had more fun "
I was planning on trying to do all of these and more and my clock is at twenty to the hour.
Great post, keep smiling.

Thanks for sharing your reflections Stunner, and Happy Birthday as well. I am in the early stages of the 30s decade myself and I have some of the same thoughts about my life as you do, so I can relate. Keep the faith mi yout!

Ditto: Ruthibelle on the word-verification-thingie

Happy Birthday Stunner.

I hope you don't get depressed or sad on your B/Day, there is a lot to be thankful for.

I can relate to much of what you said in your post. Life hardly ever is what we plan it to be. I understand regrets and mistakes. Wasted time, missed opportunities and broken hearts. As Longbench said "life is too short to regret anything".

One of the best part about life is an opportunity to reflect and adjust if needs be as you are doing here. We can stop procrastinating- just do it even if you can not see clearly the route just focus on your goals, face your fears, I have realized that we are our biggest obstacle in life, not necessarily external forces.

There are always "consequences" (fears) to our actions.Personally there is a lot of joy in helping other people. I think many of us cannot answer the question "why are we here?", seriously.

As you reflect on younger days, remember how simpler things were. Becoming an adult has made it complicated. I strive for simplicity, connectedness to self love to share with family and that special person.

'as I approach my third decade'

I read this and thought damn he old.. but then I realized we are around the same age lol... :(

Happy birthday stunner!

Chin up Stunner, a birthday should be a celebration of life. Looks like you need both hands to count your blessings. You have a lot to be thankful for.

Feliz Cumpleaños mi amigo!

nice article! belated wishes!

no looking back star, only forward. happy birthday

I know the feeling.I still can't believe am also approaching my third decade.However, it is not freaking me out all but sometimes I feel I haven't acheived as much as I wanted to. Nevertheless I don't want to spend too much tim eregretting and not living in th enow

happy belated birthday to you chief!

Onward and Upward my dear!