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Monday, December 17, 2007

Tis the Season of Parties!

The Christmas season is upon us once again, the time of year many storm the shopping malls, make generous donations, give gifts to the special people in their lives while some approach it from a religious point of view as the time the celebrate the birth of Christ. However, there is one more thing that is characterize this time of the year, it is the season of parties!

At this time of the year in Jamaica there is an overwhelming number of parties to pick and choose from! I was listening to Zip 10 FM while driving and it seems there were more ads for parties than music! Among this season's lineup of parties and events are the big name all inclusive parties, Special Delivery and French Connections as well as the heavy weight stage shows, Welcome to Jamrock and Sting! For a lineup of the events for this season you can visit party sites like or

I doubt I'll be doing a lot of partying, money kinda tight right now and I man getting old! But I hope to go to my favorite party, Yesterday, on December 22. Yeah, nothing like some fabulous selections 90's Dancehall music permeating the night air and hot women wining their waistlines! Considering that I have never been to one of those all-inclusive parties, I would love to attend one this year, but the price tag is scaring my pocket!

So what are your party plans? Which events will you be attending?

14 commented:

I'm with you. I not going anywhere!

Partying is on though with moderation else Jan will feel like 50 days financially. 90s music always gets me dancing.

Will definatelybe at the Welcome to Jamrock and Beres Shows....unfortunately that will be it....I agree with gishungwa.....January always tough, no need to make it worse. We should always remember that family events can be great too.

i'll be going out but not to parties excessively

No parties right now. Am with you & MB on that point. Somehow, ah don't feel like I'm missin' out on much though -- have fun at that 90s party!

I've been partying non stop since the 2nd...the party Im looking forward to is New Years when Ill be in goa...

I've been partying non stop since the 2nd...the party Im looking forward to is New Years when Ill be in goa...

I know for sure am going to a dinner on Dec 29th. don't know about any parties as yet but I definitely will be going from house to house for the season

can i tag along for that yesterday party? sounds like my kind of jam. but alas i'm still digging out from 3 feet of snow. sigh!

you know what I can't wrap my mind around? Those theme parties where everybody has 2 wear a certain brand of clothes or a certain color, or outfit or something. Don't people have anything better to do?

I wish we had Jamrock.

I'll just be doing small parties with friends and family.

I'm not going anywhere. Not like I'm a party person anyway.

I'm not really a party person either but I might go to a few this year.. lol a step up from the single party I went to last year.

Tonight will find me at Jamrock - can't miss that ! And then I guess I'm one of the people with nothing better to do that gc refers to as tomorrow i'm off to a bollywood party - a chance to wear the shiny stuff I got in Goa? of course!!!