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Friday, December 14, 2007

I Are Back!

Yes people, as they say, "all good things must come to an end". And this is so true, as my good vacation has come to an end and I'm back on the Rock! A very wet one too at that! Oh yes, as I came back from my hiatus in the cold and snow in New York, I was greeted by the warm embrace of Olga, who "showered" me with love!

But even though I didn't mind the blessings from above I didn't have time to wrap up in under the sheets and sleep, as I had to hit the ground running! The very next day after my return
I had to jump out of bed and hauled my you know where to work. But that's not all, after those weeks of inactivity and gorging on the foreign delicacies and yumm pastry. I wasted no time getting my workout routine started again. Let me tell you, that first day was pure hell, I was literally struggling through routine. Hence, you can understand my absence from blogging.

My flight back on Air Jamaica was almost on time, only 15 minutes delayed, which is no biggy compared to the 6 hours delay I had to endure when I was heading to New York.We even still got to Jamaica on time! But Air Jamaica is not the sort of airline that would let you travel with them without giving you a reason to get upset and cuss! Oh no they just had to mess it up. I disembarked from the plane and was only help up a few seconds by a woman who tumbled down the steps from the aircraft and went through immigration rather quickly. Now dutty tinking Air Jamaica took an entire hour to get the suitcases on the carousel! Three other flights came in and sent out their cargo before I got my suitcases! Yes, slackness, dutty tinking Air Jamaica!

Anyway folks, my bed is calling, so enjoy your weekend, wet or dry! Here is a likkle something to start off your weekend.

12 commented:

Welcome back.all dem airline dutty,doh stress over dem

no no, you can't subject the airline to verbal abuse. You have to encourage it, and say "You can do it" and "I believe in you".

Welcome back. De free paper bun up, eeh? No mind.

De 'lovebird' don't care. Kanye should denounce dem in his famous way: "AirJ don't like J'can people."

Welcome back. Sorry to hear about your ordeal with AirJ. That must've pissed you off royally! Melody, I would say that Air J doh like people, whether they're Jamaican or not!

for the amount a time you argue about air jamaica you would think you'd stop taking it by now

welcome back in the plizzy my nizzy ^_^

welcome back
glad u had a good flite on dutty tinkin air jamaica...LOL

Sounds like you need a vacation to relax from your vacation. Welcome back.

@Abeni: Dem dutty fi true!

@GC: I do believe in them, I believe they will certainly make me upset!

@Jamaican Dawta: Pure ashes! Now it's just work, work and more work.

@Melody: LOL! I think MB hits the nail on the head!

@Mad Bull: LOL! I think so too!

@owen: When the power of one's pocket is weak, one can't do better.

@Jamaipanese: Thanks!

@Nickiesha: Thanks. The flight itself wasn't bad.

@justacoolcat: I really so feel like I need one!

Glad that you are back safe. Welcome back to the cotton fields.

Glad you're back home. And glad you still support our national carrier even after all they've put you through. Nice clip.