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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Rich Bitch!

Everyday I read the news about American rich people and celebrities I get pissed. The latest is the case of New York real estate mogul Leona Helmsley and her pooch Trouble. According to the New York Post, Helmsley died and left her dog with a $US12 million trust fund! What the hell! How the hell does someone leave a mutt a $US12 million trust found? It's a damn dog! This creature doesn't know how to appreciate $US12 million, he can't invest it into real estate, buy flashy cars or go shopping for designer clothes! However, this crazy woman deiced to instead of using this money for a worthwhile purpose that would benefit so many people, yes humans, who are suffering and in need of some financial help she decided to give it to a dog. But wait, it gets better, or should I say worse!

Trouble does not stay in a little kennel like most dogs, oh no, this pooch lives in a 28 room Connecticut estate! [How much rooms does your house have?] If you think you pamper yourself and enjoy the finer things in life at times, you are wrong my friend. Why? The estimated cost of caring for Trouble, which includes security, medical care and grooming, is well over $US300,000 a year! [How much money do you spend on yourself a year?] And get this, no Pedigree for this bitch as Trouble chows down on meals prepared especially for her by chefs!

It appears that Trouble has made herself some enemies and have been receiving death threats. As a result, her paid caretakers have taken several drastic steps to protect this rich bitch. Trouble was flown by private jet with her security team to a Helmsley property in the Sarasota area, which I doubt is less that 10 rooms! While at her hideout this 4.5 pound dog is guarded by a rotating security team!

Now things like these just rally get me ticked off! No it's not bad mind, (hehe... well maybe a little) but all this is just ridiculous! So much money being spent on a dog! And so many people out there suffering, including yours truly! The sad thing is, I'm sure other rich people and celebrities waste tonnes of cash on their pooches, including the biggest coke head Paris Hilton. Is it that the richer you get, the crazier and dumber you get? Is it that the ore money you get the more dumb things you find to waste money on? Dem tings here just mek man cross star!

16 commented:

try this angle:
There weren't any human beings who treated Leona Helmsley as nice as her dog did. Granted she really had a bad reputation but you know what they say about dogs.

Don't forget that someone is looking after this dog and cleaning up after her and that person/those people must be paid handsomely. It's possible she was looking out for employees who were very loyal to her.

Helmsley did leave some money for some grandchildren or grand nieces and nephews but it paled in comparison to what the dog received. Yes, it would have been better to give the money to charity but we have no idea what Helmsley requested should be done with the money should the pooch kick the bucket. Maybe at that point it will revert to the ASPCA!!!

That woman musta been outta touch wid reality. That's a lotta $ to throw around (on a pet, no less) when there are so many people sufferin' out there. That kinda gesture isn't cute -- it's de very opposite of humanitarian.

bark bark.. woof woof.. lol some girls call me a dog.

any rich old ladies want to adopt me?

[puppy eyes]

I looove dogs, but that's just plain WACKO.

(* shakes head in disgust *)

forget the starving, sick and homeless. Very sad that this is what it comes down to

let's find the dog and convince her to leave all her money to us....

I want to be a dog in my next life. Dogs getting first class treatment and ting these days. No more scraps from table and all that. Yes, I coming back as a dog

Wow. The saying "gone to the dogs" isn't as insulting as it used to be. I can't believe I'm envious of a mutt.

You know these white folks love dogs more than people!

GC [first comment] says what I've been thinking about her keeping tons of people employed that way, maybe that's why she did it, and we don't know her private arrangements for family, charities.

LOL, you'd be surprised at what they would do for their dogs!

I heard about this story and thought it was very funny!

Wow....and I am struggling to pay my car note! That is ridiculous! I want to be to care taker of that dog. That way I will have full control of that money!!!! Non-sense.

That dog probably eats better than everyone I know combined. It's just wrong.