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Friday, December 21, 2007

Pull It Up - "World Dance"

Well tomorrow is Yesterday... hmm, that kinds sound weird! Well, as I was saying, tomorrow is Yesterday. The party where patrons will relive the best of the 90's and work up a sweat as they enjoy themselves and get lost in the music! My company is having a staff party the same evening, so i think I will pass through and eat up some of the free food, try to win the gate prize (like that will happen!). Then after that I hope to head to Yesterday, by that time the party will be in full swing and the vibes will be flowing. Yes my friend people will be whining and dancing up a storm. An speaking of dancing, do you remember this one?

I hope you liked that dance down memory lane. Anyway enjoy yourselves over the weekend and be responsible as you have fun!

7 commented:

Thanks for the memory. Not exactly Christmassy, but ok.

hey stunner!!! Missed you!!! I will miss yesterdays as i have the wedding of a good good friend to go and they hope to have a swinging party after....
Here is to hoping you will win the gate prize!!! What is in it for me if you win???????

Thanks for de flashback music vibes. (Tomorrow U'll say, "Today is Yesterday!")

Stunner! I love your posts man. You usually have a way of taking a brotha back. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. And Happy Holidays to you and your family my friend.

Happy Holidays..enjoy yourself eh

Bwoy, the song brought back memories! Lets see, dem times deh I was working down Orange Street! I was still going to UWI part-time... nuff night class! :)
I wasn't yet married! Mona Dam most evenings. Yute (my dog) was still alive! Natty and I used to live ah street, hard hard! Plenty Peppers, Devon House, Sea Witch, Mirage and so on.... good times. Thanks for this one, bredrin. Hope the party was irie!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

wow i remember this.. this is when i actually rated beenie,, any way happy new years and thanks for dropping by...elevation