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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Party Weekend

Ashe' in performance.

The weekend didn't quite turn out as I had wanted, but it wasn't bad though. As I mentioned in my last post, I wanted to attend two parties for the weekend, but I managed to only attend one. I wanted to go to my company's staff party and then head to Yesterday to get my groove on, but it seems age got the better of me (or so I think).

I did go to the company's staff party which wasn't too bad despite the late start. The food wasn't impressive both in taste and in quantity, but there was enough liquor to go around. But being a responsible driver and person, Stunner did not over indulge. The entertainment lineup was what is was supposed to be, entertaining. The MC for the evening was Elva, known for her antics on Full House Fridays on Fame FM and anyone who knows of Elva certainly knows she can a keep a crown lively! Ashe' started off the evening of a lively note and got the crowd warmed up. They were followed by other performances including the winners of All Together Sing (A high school choir competition) and Prodigal. The performances ended on a high note with the guest performer, the real big man, Professor Nuts, who kept the audience laughing during his entire performance and encore. When that was over, at about 12:30 am, it was over to Renaissance, who commanded the dance floor and the real party started! They kept the music juggling and the people on the dance floor moving to the beat until the wee hours of the morning when I left at about 3:30 am. By that time Yesterday was out of the picture!

Now on to a matter that grieved my spirit! I saw one of my ex at the party and damn she was looking hot nuh ten fyah side! However, this is the same girl that when we were together never took the time out to look hot! I mean she didn't look shabby at the time, but she never put out that extra effort to stop a man in his tracks. But last night she certainly did look stunning nuh ratid! Dem things deh just mek man !&^@#(@?*%!! cross! I man didn't overreact, just played it cool with a "Hi, how are you, short convo"... it's a good thing I was looking like a Stunner myself, else yuh know mi would feel bad nuh ratid! But we all get mature and change as we get older in life, and she certainly has changed for the better, I guess. Good for her, I won't hate.

Overall, I did enjoy myself partying with my coworkers, meeting up with some who I only speak to on the phone from all over the island during my duties at work and shaking a leg or two to some good selections. Oh, and as you may have guessed by now, I didn't win the $25,000 Gate prize... as expected. The worst part of the weekend is having to get up with a splitting headache three and a half hours later, to drag my tired ass of to work. &@##%@*!^! Oh well, such is the life of a struggling young man, nothing an extra strength Exedrin and two extra spoon of Blue Mountain coffee kinda fixed!

11 commented:

Haha! Guess her new man mindin' her well huh?

I swear, those girls have Camel Toe, anyhow, probably your ex wasn't getting enough money from you while you were together, but her new man was giving it to her right, both ways:) lol jk/s

Ah, Mr. Stunner, ah so it go. Remember, women dress to the nines for Christmas parties. Odds are that she STILL doesn't normally go the extra mile, is only cause is Christmas!

Don't feel bad about missing Yesterday, it sounds like your party was off tha hook! Only thing my office party had over yours was the food. Yours sounds like it could have topped mine in every other way!

No Yesterday -- at least yu had fun elsewhere. Merry Christmas!

Playing it day you will have to teach me need crying over spilt milk right?........At least you had an Office party, and it sounds like it was grrreat.....Bless up fi di XMAS

hmm.. I was there too! I came late so I never got to see a lot of the earlier entertainment and most of the good food was done by time I reach. I did want to win the gate prize though lol

girls do that all the time. its like they wont put in an effort for you but when it over they change into the hottest thing on the planet. bun dem i say!

hahaha well at least you were your stunning self. Do I smell a hook up?

Sounds like you still enjoyed yourself

you know what they say: Living Well is the best revenge
seems like you and ex are even on both sides

happy blue mountain and enjoy what little of the year is left

No worries though...I've learnt how to deal with the ex-factor as I like to call it. I believe in having good karma and things will work out for you more often than not. It was good that you kept the vibes right. Ah big man ting dat!! Ah suh di runnings fi guh.