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Sunday, December 02, 2007


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Yeeaahh!!! I got to see snow! I know I sound like a likkle Frighten Friday, but I don't care, at least now I can say I have experienced snow. I didn't come up expecting to see snow any at all, even though I was hoping I would, because everyone told me that snow usually don't start falling until late December, or early January. So I contented that I would just settle for the cold and the look of the trees.

Even with this in mind, I still was following the weather forecast, just to see if their was any chance of snow. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the forecast called for snow on December first. But even with that, you know forecasts can be wrong, so I didn't get my hopes up! But this morning, the forecast certainly came true and it definitely snowed! So of course you know who garbed on some winter gear and went out to experience snow for the first time in his life! And an experience it was, a very cold one, but I did enjoy my brief moment in the cold snow. The forecast calls for more snow tomorrow and some rain, so things should get more interesting!

Today was a quite and lazy day, as I stayed home, ate and slept, I going put on some serious weight! I will have a lot of work to do when I get back to Jamaica. But Friday I went on the road to do a little shopping and watched the movie, The Mist, which is another story. And yesterday I was on the road all day yesterday. I went to one of my Mother's friend to have brunch, toured Harlem a bit and went up to Cross County to do some shopping. So I guess today was a rest day I guess, to recuperate. So my vacation hasn't been going on too bad so far at all.

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An' de best part is knowin' that yu can say bye-bye to it before it gets cloying. Have fun!

Glad you had a chance to experience snow. Will you stay or return to Jamaica.

Isn't there snow on the Blue Mountains?


I read the first line and I though foriegner...

Snow is great, when your looking at from inside a warm house..

@Mad Bull: Thanks, I am!

@Melody: Oh yes that, it indeed good! Back to the warmth ad sun of Jamaica!

@Isadora: Thanks, the experience was great. No, I will be returning to Jamaica.

@Brown Girl in the Ring: I have heard that before, but I have seen no proof.

@Crankyputz: lol, yup the excitement of a newbie! It's definitely better from inside a warm house.

But did you make snow angels?

despite what your friends may tell you yellow snow does not make for a good lemon snow cone.

Snow is great - for a very short period of time when you know you are coming back home to sunny Jamaica soon!

You are a brave soul, enjoy the winter wonderland....I was just in ATL and I have yet to find out why they call it "hotlanta".....all my trips there seem to bring rain and verrry cold weather. I was the only one the other day in a heavy jacket, gloves and boots....was pissed when we had to throw hot water on the windscreen in the morning. SNOW...I won't go....that's my motto

@justacoolcat: No I didn't, the snow wasn't high enough!

@Adrian: Did you get caught? lol!

@Kingston Girl: It certainly is, because I would dread going to work for months in such conditions.

@Emanicipated?: LOL! You know we Tropical dwellers aren't used to the cold!

I've never seen snow in real life, so you're not a "frighten Friday". Continue to enjoy yourself and be safe.

Yu missing some Chrismus breeze, though, lol.