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Friday, December 28, 2007

The Curtain Closes On Another Year

So Christmas has come and gone, all the excitement of the crazy shopping has died down. There are no after Christmas sales here in Jamaica, well none that I know of. Although sometimes I wonder if Jamaican stores know he meaning of a sale. merely taking of 5% of items does not qualify as a sale in my book! The end of the overeating, over drinking and merrymaking has calmed down and advertisements for countless New Years Eve parties fill the radio waves, which signals that another year is coming to and end. Yes folks it's that time again when we reflect on the ups and downs of the passing year, the mistakes, the accomplishments, the disappointments and the wonderful times we had in 2007. but it is also a time we look forward to a new year, a new beginning for some, we start to make plans, resolutions, and try not to make the same mistakes we did in the past year.

For me the year was an alright one... I guess. It had its fair share of ups and downs, but overall it wasn't too bad. At the beginning of the year it had some major disappointments and thought my year would be so awful based on how it started. But things started to get a little better as the year progressed. I won't dwell on the negatives, but I prefer to reflect on the high points of the year. I do have a lot to be grateful for, hmmm, lets see... I got a new apartment, one that is comfy and that I actually look forward to going home to; I successfully completed my 3 years bachelor of Engineering course with honours; my photography is slowly improving; I got reacquainted with old friends and grew closer to others, and I met a very special young lady. So I guess it wasn't too bad after all.

As the curtain draws on 2007, and you reflect on the passing year, how was it for you?

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For now this is an unfair question......I will think more and respond then. Here's hoping you have a wonderful New year.....I hope it starts badly agin and that you end up with a good one nonetheless...if it aint broke....

I think I'm going to pass on the reflection too. The most I'm going to reflect on is my bank account and where the heck my paycheck went.

De years going by faster than we would like, but hey. Thank God we are still around to see the end of one, hopefully since anything can happen in these few days.
But hopefuly next year will be full of more blessings for all of us.
Happy New Year

Bwoy, the year start decent, it run decent but it looking like it ah end EFF up for me. Me a gwaan watch and I will update you near the end of January or so... by then I should have a better idea.

when you say young, how young are you talking?

2007 was good for me. No complaints here. Looks like you accomplished a few things there.

My year was a constant stream of eye opening experiences.

I have to say this year is one that will be remembered for a long time to come.

Despite difficulties my 2007 greater than grater-cake, Stunner, am thankful to God. Sounds like '07 treat yu nice to -- may 2008 bring even richer blessings.

Mine was very rough. It's the year I was diagnosed with a serious health problem.But still I rise:)

Happy New Year! 2007 was a tough one so let's hope 2008 will be much better.