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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Vacation Around the Corner and the Dell Scare!

Yes, that time of the year is once again just around the corner, the time I get to rest, to go places, to get a well deserved break from work, vacation! I am not certain what I will be doing for my vacation yet, I want to take a trip to New York and look for my family, but the money weak right now. I have so many expenses to think about: school fee, which has hiked up so much since the last two years, insurance which has also taken a hike and has nullified the effect of my no claim bonus, and the normal overwhelming expenses of the month. On the other hand I don't really want to stay here and do nothing, and I don't feel like exploring Jamaica without my, (sigh) camera. So you can understand my predicament. But by next week Monday I will know what the plan is.

Dell Scare!
As I told you before, I bought myself a Dell notebook, after the untimely passing of my late PC. Well I was about to check my mail on Yahoo when I saw a headline saying that Dell was recalling the batteries for several of their notebooks! Of course this interested me as the article continued to say that several of the faulty batteries have overheated and caught fire! You can imagine my shock, and horror! Could my beloved notebook, be hiding an explosive secret! So off to I went to find out if my notebook was fitted with any of the faulty batteries. As I read through the site I noticed that they said the fault affects notebooks that were made in April...oh shit! My notebook was manufactured in April! I better read on, the faulty batteries were made in Japan or I'm thinking I'm doomed because almost everything electronic is made in Japan, right! Anyway I preceded to check for the codes that are listed for the faulty batteries and popped out my battery to check it my notebook was a silent killer. Fortunately mine wasn't affected, the first good news was seeing Made in Korea on the battery and then my battery code was not listed in the faulty battery list. If you have Dell notebook that was manufactured in April you need to visit Dell and check out your battery.

Well, it's a weekend once again, so as usual enjoy your weekend!

P.S. I posted a new post on my fitness blog N'Shape, so you can check it out.

14 commented:

Yes in deed...if I don't go somewhere soon Imma kill

I have a Dell PC now and you just made me weary...:)

Come to St Vincent:)

Yeah,lucky you that your pc had a good battery

Didi - I think it's only laptops affected, not pc's.

Come to Mn and experience the great outdoors.

Didi, you should check it out, don't want any accidents happening!

Kami, I definatley would love to come to St. Vincent and stay with you ;), but I would have the same problem of not having my camera to take pics :(

Yes Justacoolcat, it affects only notebooks.

How the song go? If you want good, you nose haffi run. Sometimes you got to give up the things you want [New York] to get the main prize [the degree].

Anyways, I know that Jamaica have nuff nuff places to explore...and you can DRAW...sketch :-)

Glad that the laptop scare didn't affect you.

The nshape blog, great idea!

I'm craving a vacation bad. Probably October! I love the fact that you can take the time out to relax. Most people don't know how to do that.

Bwoy, could I use some time away from work...but I doh see dat a come before end of September...the earliest!

Good looking out on the Dell Notebooks man. I've been looking to purchase one thru my company and I believe they have a whole bunch of those D620's in stock. You caught me just in time, but I think they may be aware of it already. I have to check to see if we were indeed affected by the recall. Good luck on your vacation man. Now, more than ever, everyone deserves a chance to simply Get Away and to the places they'd like to.

I am actually on vacation right now, as I write this. It is wikid so far! I am chilling with 7. MBJr. likes where she lives so much he says he wants to live here... I suspect it has much to do with the beeg TV and the XBOX 360 his uncle has... oh yes, and the pool!

I saw a picture of it exploding. Here it is. Enjoy your vacation. Mine is ending, with school starting next week and all.

Vacation?...what is that?....Well seems my laptop is OK as well. School gets going again in a few days so no real time off there.

Or you could try Barbados....