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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Yes that's exactly what has happened to me. The plan to go to New York has fallen through, so I will be staying in Jamaica for my vacation. I have spent countless hours on the internet scouring and on the phone negotiating with booking agents for various airlines, for low...or should I say reasonable fares to New York, but to no avail. All the cheap seats have been booked solid, so I have been grounded for this vacation. The cheapest tickets are still almost US$600! That would seriously cut into my shopping money with the new camera costing over US$250. So it's "sweet sweet Jamaica, nah leff yah" for me.

What's the plan then? No worries, since I'll be home for the vacation, I'll spend the time on various little projects and then I plan to do some traveling across the island next week. Why next week? Well hopefully I will be getting my new camera by then, my loving sis has agreed to buy it and send it down with one of her friends...don't rejoice yet, I'll have to pay her back! Nevertheless, thanks to my sis I should be getting the camera soon. If that doesn't workout, then I guess I will just have to borrow one, cause yuh done know mi cyaan travel without a camera!

Until such time I will be here blogging away, and I will keep you up to the time with all my excursions as try to find ways to keep myself entertained on a extremely low budget. Hmm...I wonder if that's possible?

18 commented:

Hmmm.I told you to come to Svg but no you won't listen:)You need to learn to negotiate better that way you can get a free cam from sis:)

I will come to St. Vincent ...if you put me up at your place ;) because poor me can't afford a ticket pluss hotel charge right now!

Damn man. $600? That would seriously put a damper into my travel plans if the ticket cost that much for me. You know what's funny? You taking vacation from a beautiful island like Jamaica. I guess its the same as when I lived in NYC and I would tell my out of town friends I'm going on vacation. They would say, "from New York?" You ARE on vacation. Funny how folk picture where you are from as a vacation spot.

Hotel? yuh mekking joke.My school start today so I can't harass you to come and then leave you on your own:)

Well you do have people who want to come there from here so I guess that's not soooo bad.

Whatever you do, enjoy it.

I am guessing that photo was taken of Air Ja on the approach to Sangster Int'l from Doctor's Cave Beach?

Man Stunner, you can have TONS of fun on a low budget vacation in Jamaica. I was the master of it.

That seems pretty expensive for a ticket to NYC. Have fun at home. Maybe you can take a trip to another island.

You see my pridicament Luke Cage! But as you said I have a whole beautiful island to explore.

Ok, I might have to save some money for St. Vincent next summer or for the linkup, then you can give me the grand tour of your island Kami.

Princess Dominque, I guess it's not so bad on a tropical island, there is always the beach.

You are right on the ball Dr. D!

I doubt I will be able to on a low budget, I'll give you guys a rundown of the cost and the activites.

I thought of that Shotta Mark, but then i would still have to get to New York, and that might just be another hassle.

Miz JJ it is expensive, in June-early July the tickets were half that price!

What part of JA are you going to explore?

Enjoy the time off. There's lots to do in Jamaica. Just fill your tank and go where your nose takes you.

Well I am really sorry that you can't come a foreign... *smile*

But you are on one of the most beautiful islands in the caribbean!

How I envy you right now.


Well, justacoolcat, I will be heading on the north coast once again.

Not so easy to full my tank these days Cooldestiny. But i can't let that stand in my way of enjoying myself.

Bajanqueen, it is indead one of the most beautiful islands.

Hush bro. But you should've seen it coming. It is summertime after all.

Leon I had planned to take vacation earlier in the year when the tickets were cheaper, but the plan had to be changed because I got a new post at work.

What kind of Camera you getting?
Hey, theres always Lime Cay! Get a tent, get the right dawta and spend a weekend at the Cay. That can be fun. Done it once myself...

I getting a Kodak Z650 6.0 megapixels and 10X Optical Zoom.

Lime cay nuh sound to bad, but mi haffi wait until after the storm pass!