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Thursday, August 31, 2006

September - Month of Financial Woes!

Of late I have noticed that September is the most financially crippling month of the year for me. I have two major financial crisis in one month. A massive and ever increasing school fee and the death blow, my motor vehicle insurance and don't forget the other monthly expenses: rent, credit card bill, utilities, food, etc... Sometimes I wonder how my sanity survives each year, things like these will drive people crazy!

So I have started to tackle the mountain of expenses one at a time. I definitely cannot afford school fee out of my pocket, so I have decided to sell myself...NO! Stop right there! No whoring! Unnuh mind to smutty! As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, I have decided to sell myself to the credit union once again by acquiring a loan. So I dropped by early last week and requested an appointment to see a loan officer probably later down in the week, or this week, oh no I couldn't get an appointment till next week Monday! They don't understand the urgency of this! When I found out that my package was ready and went to collect it registration was in progress! "Suh any chance yuh can squeeze mi in, plleeaaassseee?", I pleaded. "No, I'm sorry sir the only time free is Monday" the customer rep replied. (%&*$!#!) So I will have to wait until Monday morning before I can go through the paper work and then another two to three days before I can get the cheque! I'm just hoping that teifing university don't charge me late registration fee.

Ok, since I can't do much more about that, it's time for the other headache, the motor vehicle insurance. My current policy expires tomorrow so I decided it's time to renew my policy, because I can't afford a ticket right about now, much more having my car towed away. So off to the insurance broker I went and what a shock I got! My premium is forty eight thousand and mash! What the &%#*$^$! Wah happen to mi no claim bonus? "That is included", the agent replied. Wah! What the hell, this is robbery! I can't afford to pay this much money for insurance and I haven't made a claim! Fortunately the nice lady found an alternative, she suggested I switch insurer and that's exactly what I did. Why? Well she found one that charged me some fifteen thousand dollars less! And you know paying less is always the best! So I saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to... no, not Geico smarty pants... another insurer. Thanks insurance broker lady... wherever you are.

Well my vacation is coming to an end and it's back to work...and school next week. But I have planned to have a lass hoorah. I shall be off to the north coast for the weekend to enjoy myself and soak up the last of my vacation. Enjoy your weekend! I plan to enjoy mine! I know the male bloggers will appreciate this likkle weekend present more than the females. Got this in my email and I just had to share it. (Drooling)

Sorry, ladies but I shall not be posting any half naked men on my blog!....unless it's a pick of myself!.....and the answer is NO!

20 commented:

Good luck with the bills, myyute. Re the lady: Natures Bounty best describes her!

it's all about papers. good luck

Khrysti Hill's that chick. schweet!

Enjoy de North Coast, Stunner. Male, female, animal, vegetable, mineral--anybody would agree that that girl has a BODY.

I had some words of encouragement for you Stunner, but GOOOD LAWWD! The LORD is my shephard. He know what I WANT!!!

Sorry to hear that the month of my birth is one which brings financial woes for you rude bwoy.

Still, I doh know where you and owen get these inflated insurance premiums.....maybe it has to do with your age.

Man, that gyal is a lovely site before hittin road pon a Friday nite! ;-) Thanks for sharing.

I hope for your sake there is no late fee.If was UWI your late fee was sure.

BTW,Stunner you well know you can make nuff money if you sell yourself:)

so tell find that woman and her size attractive and appealing?

Insurance premiums went up this year by about 1.75% hence the suggestion that your no-claim was obsolete. I faced the same dilemma too but luckily for me, my company has a 2 car discount policy so I got an additional 15% off my premium just for having 2 cars insured with them and another 10% just for having an account with them! That was just sweet!

Good luck with the rest of the bills too.

I like every ounce of dat gyal. Her man (or men) are smiling all the time.

VMBS! That was my hero when I was living in J'ca. That, and working out a budget.

Good luck with the financing.

Yeah, I like her, Yammie!

Thanks bro. After a hard weekend, a little eye candy was refreshing. Don't worry, we all have to deal with it. You'll prevail.

You're no fun! Haven't you been working out?

Listen man, bills will mad yu if yu tink bout it too hard. So after a month of putting $2500 in my car every three days, I decide to try switching off the ac in the night and open the sun roof.

Your workplace don't offer loans/grant to help with school fees?

I just came back to see if you had another post and a saw that pic again. Mo' bounce to the ounce, yute.

I hope you're with a chic like the one in the pic while you're on the north coast - take your mind off the pressures of life.

Well Shotta M....a chica like the one in the pic while on the North Coast may make pressures build up and come to 'life' in odda areas still..... ;-)

thanks for the photo lol
good luck with the bills i understand those situations its the same way with me

I am waiting on the picture of you naked.....We ladies would like some eye candy too!!

I'm glad you all love that pic!

No Kami, I don't think selling yself is an option I will choose, lol!

Yes Yamfoot, that girl is ver, very appealing!

No I will not be posting any naked pictures Jamaicanqueen!!! LOL!