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Monday, September 04, 2006

Good to Snap!

The lens, the final frontier, these are the voyages of the Stunner's Kodak Z650 Camera. Continuing mission to explore strange new shots, to seek out new scenes and new candid opportunities, and to boldly go where no camera has gone before! Stunner Cam!

Yes, as you might have guessed by now from the above nonsense, Stunner is back in business with his brand new Kodak Z650! For some reason I had the date mixed up and thought the person who was carrying down my camera was coming on Tuesday! Bwoy was I wrong. There I was sleeping away after coming from Ochie last night, when my sister calls and asks if I collected my camera yet. So I had to jump up and call the lady to find out where she was, fortunately Air Jamaica was late... For once I'm glad they were late! So I now have my camera and have already started to fool around with it! It's a very nice camera, bad nuh ratid! 6.1 Megapixels, so I can blow up my shots to poster size; 10x Optical Zoom so I can really zoom in on my subject; and lot's of picture modes to get that perfect shot! Now I wish my vacation had just started, I would be all over the place with my camera!

Other Random Stuff
My weekend on the North Coast wasn't bad at all, although I didn't go to much places. Just walked the town, slept and relax, and soaked up some of the warm Caribbean sun and sea. I don't have any pictures, because the person who was supposed to lend me a camera forgot all about that agreement. But that won't be happening again, thanks to Kodak Z650! I went to this nice restaurant name Carletos, I can't remember if that's the correct spelling. But the ambiance was ok and the food was great! You can even get a mixture of meats and the price isn't too bad. So if you're in Ochie you can check it out.

Today is the final day of my vacation, it's back to work tomorrow morning and back to school later in the week. It seems as if it was just yesterday my vacation started. But as they say, "All good things must come to an end."... and that includes vacation.

13 commented:

My Olympus C 700 has 10 X Optical zoom can 'big up nuff tings'..... but only 2.1 mps, which I am cool with. Have it about 4yrs now and no plans (or funds) to change it. Happy picha taking.

Holidays are never long enuff....

Stunner Cam: De only camera whose mission is reminiscent of Star Trek's:).

Nice camera that.6.1? am jealous.

You sound like a horny man in a brothel!! So excited about your new toy.

My camera is quite cool as well, a Konica Dimage, 5MP, 10X Optical zoom which I hardly ever use. I need to explore a little more with my camera. It's nice and is red in colour so it's a real conversation piece. It also does 1/2 hr video so it is very cool.

Hmmm. I need a camera like what oonoo a talk bout... Once I convince Asafa to let me help him, I will have the funds necessary.... (* evil chuckle *)

Nice camera. You seem to be a Trekkie like myself. Enjoy your remaining time on vacation.

come on now man all that is a waste, be like me and rock the camera phone: no zoom, less than 1mps and stores only 24 pictures. What more could you want? Hahaha congrats on the new cam - hope you get many enjoyable hours with it!

Nice camera my yute! Looks like you will really be enjoying your new toy! I am a Canon guy myself, but I know Kodak has been putting out some good stuff lately and that camera has gotten some good reviews.

Guess I'll just have to make do with ye old Kodak 3.2 mp camera until the funds permit an upgrade. Have fun mi bredrin.

Nice camera!

I can't wait for the new pics.

Boy I tell ya, men and their toys!!! **shaking head**

I hope that we will see a whole lot more pics now that you have it.


Great that you finally got a camera back.

Enjoy your cam. I find my fujifilm s3000 a bit dissappointing.