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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Return of the Traffic!!!...Stay Cool

The traffic as seen through my side mirror.

September is not just know for being the peak of the hurricane season or just the beginning of a new school year, but it is also known as the month of the return of the traffic! Yes the miserable feeling of sitting in your car stationary for minutes at a time, the constant blowing of horns at the stop lights, the awful feeling of having to get up early, the anguish of reaching work or school late despite your best efforts, is upon us again. School is now in full swing and so its partner in crime the never ending traffic. It seems as if there is no escape from it, you try the back-roads only to end up at another end of the main road in more bumper-to-bumper traffic. As if that isn't bad enough even the back-roads and shortcuts have now become overwhelmed with traffic!

The traffic along Waterloo Road.

This is the scene on Waterloo road this morning as I was making my way to work; a never ending stream of vehicles trapped in a bumper to bumper queue en route to their morning destinations. Don't you just hate it when you're stuck in traffic and the other side of the road is as empty as your pocket just before payday? It just seems so unfair! Oh how I missed the summer holidays when I could get up even a hour later than usual and still arrive at work on time. Well there's just no way of getting around it, unless the government builds some super highways with over-head passes. I recall reading a post by Cool Destiny who was complaining bitterly about the whole traffic situation on the Portmore Toll road and now I am faced with my traffic torment too.

Since I can't do anything to avoid the menacing traffic here are some things the Stunner does to keep his cool in traffic:

  • I try to leave out as early as possible in the mornings. This strategy often fails for me, as I find it hard to pull myself out of the sweet early morning sleep. But is does pay off when I do as there is less traffic on the road and even if the traffic is bad I have enough time to still reach work early.
  • I ensure I have some serious bad-ass music to listen to and jig to in my car while I am stuck in traffic. This helps to keep my mind off the stress of being trapped in a traffic jam. Sometimes I wonder what the person behind me or the persons in front of me think when they get a glimpse of me in my car. You see, it's a regular thing for Stunner to be jigging, Willie Bouncing, among other dances and singing on the top of my voice in my car while in traffic. Thank God for midnight tint!
  • Apart from listening to my bad-ass CDs, I also enjoy listening to Francois and Dannae on Fame.FM, especially on Friday mornings when the have Full House Fridays when they have a whole bunch of comedians on their show doing all kinda crazy things.
  • One of my favorite pass time has resumed, as you can see from the above photos, taking photographs while stuck in traffic. I know people must be wondering what the hell is wrong with this idiot taking photos while driving! But don't worry I do it safely, I only take pictures when the car is stationary and on rare occasions when I'm driving slowly.

I know at some point you all have been trapped in bumper-to-bumper traffic, whether to or from work or school. What do you do to keep your cool?

15 commented:

I remember when I was working downtown , if I didn't leave home before 7am it didn't make sense to leave again till 9am. Problem was work started at 8:30am

Well I've been doing some around the world routes to avoid the traffic. It means I reach here a little earlier than I want to but it better than facing the wrath of being late.

traffic unfortunately is a part of urban living Stunner. We all trying to drive over each othr in pursuit of 'scarce benefits and spoils!'

Harsher part is that traffic drinks up de gas. Flexible hours very important -- takin' home some work whenever possible to limit de on-site hours an' beat peak-hour traffic, etc.

When am stuck in traffic I play games to while away the time.We play things like 21 questions etc or just listen some music.

This is everyday for me my friend. Thank god for the good tunes.

yeh. it sucks.. i work downtown and live in portmore.. what a crappy combo.. work starts at 8:00AM.. so traffic is a real bizzitch

I know this feeling all too well. Around here in Northern Va, the extra traffic begins around the middle of August. Before a certain hour, like 6am, to about 1/2 past, you'll be okay. Once 6:30 arrives, here comes the pain. Especially when the school bus backs up all of the traffic from their blinking lights. Unreal man... A very true and common thinking post.

I employ the same strategies, except for the music. I just stare at the traffic and grumble about being late. Don't worry. It'll ease down by November.

Traffic Blocking...I remember those days of having to get up at 6am to get to school on time.

Now I live a 10 minute walk away from class and often I depart for class 10 minutes before it starts.

Fame FM is a must listen every morning. Nobody beats Francois and Dannae. I also play my kick ass CDs as well.

Wow that's a lot of traffic....



I remember one time inching in traffic from waterloo intersection all the way down to Half Way tree. I painted my nails.
Generally though, I listen to the radio, in fact, I switch stations often to make sure I dont miss a good song.

I also people watch and car watch.

Gosh, next time I hear any bad-singing in the vehicle next to mine, I'll look if it's you.

I do the same too anyway, so I probably wouldn't even hear you over the din in my vehicle. I like listening to Fame as well.

I people watch too and laugh sometimes at the people's expressions. Lawd som o' dem can wrinch up dem face sah! Especially if you try and get a little pass.

I agree, but in the urban society, traffic comes with the teritory. Later