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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Number 1!

Once again the worlds fastest man has done it, he equaled his own record of 9.77s and has been named as the Performer of the Month for August by the IAAF. Asafa Powell has certainly earned a name for himself in the world of Track and Field as a 100 meter king.

I know equaling the record must have dropped a bomb in the US training camp especially with the recent doping scandal involving Gatlin still lingering in our memories. No hard feelings to my US peeps but I just had to drop that in.

Asafa has certainly shown himself to be an excellent sprinter and continues to make Jamaica proud. Hopefully he will continue to keep up his wonderful performance and continue to say "no to drugs".

The women have not been taking a back seat on the tracks as Sherone Simpson has taken the top spot for both the 100 meters and 200 meters sprints.

Sherone has been showing that she has the potential to do great things on the tracks and this number one position has shown that she definitely has what it takes to be a dominant player on the track.

Congratulations to both Asafa and Sherone on being number one and making Jamaica number one through your excellent performances.

It has been another rough week again, school just seems to be getting harder and harder every week as the notes increase and the assignments begin to manifest their ugly selves. The mandatory work courses have just been adding insult to injury as this makes my task of trying to stay pon toppa tings at school even harder. Hopefully I'll make it through this semester in one piece and still sane (...hmm, was I ever sane?)

Here's a shot for the weekend. This pic should seem familiar to the Mad Bull, as I took it on my decent when I visited Grand Cayman in early 2005. Enjoy your weekend.

14 commented:

Rasspec to Asafa and Sherone.

Asafa & Sherone are real role models. Big up 2 dem every time.

big up from Scratchie tooooooo

Great running by the two of them

Congrats Asafa and Sherone. You made Jamaica and the Caribbean proud. Nice pic.

Big up to the Jamacian massive them!!! :)

It always makes me proud to see people from the caribbean doing good!

Asafa & Sherone are role models indeed.

Oh by the way me love the pic....beautiful!


Respek Asafa. show em how it should be done. stunt (and drug) free

Hey Stunner, big up to the world class athletes.

Nice pic.

Wow that is fast. Go Sherone! Go Asafa!

re school
deep cleansing breaths
focus on the end results
hope that helps

star...u'r jamaican an u mek a mistake pon de man 9.77 secs. but nuff respect to de JA crowd who got it pon lock down.

Yeh everybody, wi have to give big up where it is due. They both have been doing well.

Ri, Leon & BQ, glad you liked the pic.

Bakannal Time, thanks for the currection, good ting yuh pick it up.

Oh, BTW, I forgot to mention that Ri would also be familiar with the scene of the ships.

you make me feel like i shouldn't have a camera.. thats a really nice shot. i need to travel more.