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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Just for the Weekend

So in my last post I celebrated getting my new camera and some of you were anxious to start seeing some photos. So I decided to post the first of many picture from my Kodak 650. The camera has performed well so far and I am certainly not disappointed. I call this one "Full Moon". I like it because it seems to impart a sense of tranquility, and I need that in these financially turmoil times.

I have been a bit busy this week: school loan application, work, school, gym and other stuff. I have started to feel the stress coming on as I have several mandatory courses to do at work and this semester at school seems as if it's going to be the roughest so far. I haven't selected a major project or a major project group, so I will be concentrating on that as well as the challenges of the new courses for this semester. So I might not be as visible as I would like to be on the blogsphere. This week was somewhat hectic, it took me three days to browse through and read the posts on your blogs, so Im way behind. But I'll still try to read the posts as well as dropping a few posts of my own.

This won't be a long post, as my weekend posts are normally short. Here is a little weekend laugh, enjoy your weekend.

The Three Caribbean Prostitutes
Prime Minister P.J. Patterson was at a cocktail party.He met three high class prostitutes during the function, an American, a Cuban and a Jamaican.

To the American he said: "I am the Prime Minister how much would it cost me to spend some time with you?" Only $1,000 she replied. Then he asked the Cuban the same question: "No mas, only $100 Americano dollares," was her reply.

When he put the same proposition to the Jamaican girl she replied:

"Yow P.J. if you can raise mi skirt as high as mi taxes,

pull dung mi baggy as low as mi wages,

get your 'ood as hard as the times are,

and screw me the way you ah screw the ghetto people,truss me Mr. Prime Minister, yuh can wuk dis yah pumpum fe free."

16 commented:

Nice, peaceful pic. Y would any J'can prostitute wanna give PJ a freebie when dem a suffer soh?! :) Enjoy your weekend.

Glad you like it Melody.

I guess they would give him for free cause they think he won't take it, considering his alleged orientation, lol!

Stunner as we on the topic
of orientation I got something to tell you.I was showing a gay friend some pics from the blogging link and guess who he got the hots for.LOl,one guess for you.

Stunner, Guyana Gyal want to see pics of Emancipation Park. Why don't you take some and post them?

@Abeni. Lawd Jeez. Those gay men always go for the handsome men, that's why we poor single women can't find anyone. lol.

Well Kami I know it's not me, he can keep that heat for himself!

Don't worry Gela, they aint taking me, I'm all for the ladies!

Nice shot of the full moon Stun man.

I bet you seh PJ hood couldn't rise to the occasion!

Hang in there with the studies.

Me know seh is not me Kami friend a lust afta still.....

Lol,well Stunner you were his pick.I promise to introduce you when you come to this part of the world:) You shoulda hear the man cussing me for being in the picture and spoiling his view of the delicious

gela,you dun kno

Wooo! Loved this joke! Nice shot of the moon. Frameworthy.

Prostitutes and a fullmoon all in one blog...wonderful

That's one introduction will have to refuse Kami!

LOL! Dr.D, it muss dead after him screw Jamaica suh much!

Leon and DeeDee (now know as deeds), glad you like the pic and the joke.

nice pic.. i think it ook that same full moon posted a pic on my blog but sadly i didn't have much of a surrounding to work with so i just set out the tripod to stabilize cam adn did the best i could

That full moon is absolutely breathtaking. It makes me wanna .....

It's so hard to get a good moon shot and keep it in size perspective. Nice one.

Glad you all liked the pic.

Thanks Scratchie.

Taylor2nd, I am surprised it actually turned out good because I didn't use a tripod, I took it with my hand! I need to invest in a tripod though.

I'm happy the picture "moves" you. lol.

Thanks Justacoolcat. I agree, most times it seems too small.