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Monday, August 28, 2006

Shotta Donkey

"Only in Jamaica!" That's what I had to say when I saw this "Shotta Donkey" the last time when I was at Dunn's River falls in Ocho Rios. I just had to take a picture of this donkey all dressed up in his shades and adorned with beads around his neck and flowers on his back. There was an old mad who was sitting beside the donkey and was offering to have persons sit on the back of the donkey for a small contribution. How much? "...just leff a ting wid mi man...any ting yuh can spare..." So we gave him a donation and my little cousin sat on his back and took some pics. So whenever you are at Dunn's River you can keep an eye out for the Shotta Donkey.

Well, it seems once again Jamaica has been spared from the onslaught of tropical storm Ernesto and at one time hurricane Ernesto. Got a few showers today, in Kingston, but nothing to get worked up about. Well, hopefully the sun will be out tomorrow and all of next weekend when I will be off to enjoy the last few days of my vacation. Hopefully I'll see some more interesting things to take pictures of and HOPEFULLY MI GET A CAMERA FI BORROW.! My new camera will be arriving hopefully by early next week thanks to my big sis. Ratid I am a very hopeful person eeh!

My weekend was quiet, another couple of days of just chillaxing (chilling and if they don't mean basically the same thing), lazing around, watching TV, browsing the internet, running one ore two errands, sleeping late...wait isn't that what I have been doing since my vacation started? Usually I would be bored crazy by now, but for some reason I am not...maybe I'm getting old...hmmm. Let's move on to something ore interesting, how was your weekend?

12 commented:

Go Shotta Donkey! Reminds me of one of those animals they dress up for Denbeigh.

And the indignant dressed-up donkey plots its revenge on de old man who made it favour a poppy-show . . .

Saw that donkey too and found it real amusing.Of course I asked if I could sit on it and he told me I was too

I had a fun weekend entertaining family and friends

Glad you liked it Princess.

Leon, I have never been to Denbeigh, I should go one of these years.

LOL @ Melody, that sounds like the climax of a story!

LOL @ Kami, hush, next time you go to St. Ann, you need to go horseback riding at Chukka Cove.

Hee haw hee haw. Hee's funny and cute. I never saw that donkey, he must be new, probably came on the scene after I left in '98.

Take a trip to St. Elizabeth for me and go up the river.

Do you still sketch, by the way? Man, you got talent, Stunner.

Bwoy my yute, enjoy the chillaxing still, cause by the time you seh fe, is back to wuk to ra$$!

Guyana-Gyal, I doubt the shotta donkey was there in 98, maybe his gand parents, lol. Thanks for the comp, I need to develop these talents and make them work for me.

Yes Dr.D, mi haffi do that cause the time a run out so fast!

That's one way of putting it Bro Buck

I'm glad the storm missed you and that donkey is too much.

Enjoy the freedom while it lasts.

My weekend was decent but tiring. Strange thing to do, putting the flowers on the donkey's back. The rest of the getup looked good tough. I liked the glasses.