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Monday, August 07, 2006

"What I Hate About Clock Alarms" and Yesterday

"Knock, knock." There she was basking in her radiant beauty; a body to die for, curves in the right places and booty for days. We both knew why she was here, not to reflect on the good times, to make some good times. Hot, steamy, un-chaineded, passion engulfed the room as our bodies became one..."Beep-beep, beep-beep!" Damn you alarm clock!

I finally got around to trying my skills at the 60 word stories. It's not as good as some of the ones I have read on the blogs I went through, but a try is a try nuh.


I went to Yesterday this weekend. It was held on Saturday night at the Mass Camp on Oxford Road. Being a typical Jamaican party person, I didn't arrive until about 2:00 am. By the time I got there the 90s party was is full swing, jam packed to the maximum. The selectors kept slapping the crown with dangerous mixes of dancehall, reggae and hip-hop music from the early to the late 90s. This was much to the delight of the crowd who kept rocking, whining an gyrating to the beats of their favorite songs of yesteryear. I was actually surprised to see sucoverwhelminglyingly huge crown considering that this weekend was host to two major events, Appleton Treasure Isle and the return of Sunsplash! I enjoyed the night as I rocked, whined, bussed shot (verbal imitation of gunfire coupled with raising ones hand in the air with the fingers positioned to form a gun) to the selections and sipped on some rum and coke under the clear night sky until 4:30 am. It was a good party, didn't regret spending the Ja$800 for the ticket. How was your weekend?

13 commented:

Alarm clock. Or mosquito biting. Waking people from dreams, dammit.

How was my weekend? sigh. Quiet. As usual. It's a good thing I write. So I wrote and wrote and read.

Stunna, Glad to hear you had a greatweekend. You lucky yu not like me, no matter what or where I always wake up after exactly 6 hours sleep and can't fall asleep again!!

tuff piece

Boy now I regretting not goin. I thought it would'nt have been all that as the last oldies fete I went to kinda disapointed me...
The part that really gets me though is that fact it went till 4:30, Normally mass camp fetes only run till 2 :S Cant tell when lass i went to a fete that lasted till 4

Oh, Guana-gal, don't even mention those damn critters. Dem worse than the alarm clock!

De immigrant, the party was wonderful, apart from that I just cooked an rested for therest of the weekend.

Thank's The seeker, glad yuh like it. Yes I will rub it in, Yuh missed out on a great party Saturday!

uctbvcI passed out there myself and wondered how so much damn people still in town. Didn't stop was coming from another function. Glad you had a good time.

So yuh couldn't invite me eh?Still waiting on the email too!

Yo Stunner like the 60 word story - it's just as good as any of the others. Glad that the party "Yesterday" was fun, I was one of those in Negril at the time.

Yow. Nice 60 word-er! How you reach di party so late, man? You was ah work or wah?

Good 60 words....I notice nuff o de man dem (miself included) wrote about sexual themes....wonder where we mind dem deh!? ;-)

You reach party at 2? Man, me definitely getting old!

ahhh I like the 60 words bit. I'm not even gonna to attempt that challenge.

Weekend was uneventuly as ususal.

60 words eh? i've gotta try it. the party sounds good. ja$800? gotta convert that and see the value.

had a cool weekend full up of bbqs ;)

obi...Ja $800 is less than 10 pounds! :-(((((