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Friday, August 25, 2006

TS, Watch Out!

Once again Jamaica is on a Tropical Storm watch. The first one for the 2006 Atlantic Hurricane season. Thank God it has been quiet so far, but now we need to pray that things don't start to deteriorate...or deteriorate too much! Tropical Storm Ernesto in on a projected path that is directly in line with Jamaica. It was upgraded from a tropical depression to a tropical storm earlier today with his eyes set on the rock. Hopefully it does not gain any more strength and become a dreaded hurricane. The picture above is taken from so it will be updated automatically, so you can check back here to keep posted. I'll replace it with a static picture after the storm passes.

While we have been celebrating a calm season so far, I bet the supermarkets and the hardware stores have been weeping when the reflect on the killing they made in the last two hurricane seasons when we had a hurricane watch almost every three weeks and two brushes with powerful hurricanes. Well it seems their rain dance has paid off and they might be beefing up their supplies and making their plans for an increase in sales on hurricane items.

On the vacation scenes, I haven't been doing much so far. I have been home just relaxing, not even blogging much. I decided to just take the week and rest, chillout and just unwind and shed the stress. I plan to do things next week, so I am even more concerned about the tropical storm becoming a hurricane. Can't afford to have my vacation ruined by a hurricane and I can't afford a hurricane to come and I don't have a camera! Also, the pre and post costs of a hurricane or even a strong tropical storm would put a serious damper on my vacation money, as well as the destinations!

Enjoy your weekend and be safe.

9 commented:

Thats the last thing Jamaica needs - another Huricane.

Glad you relaxing, sometimes thats the best way to spend a vacation.

How much relaxation a young man like you need? Get up and have fun:)

Never experienced a hurricane-kinda want to but when I see the devastation they cause am not too sure

Hol tight my yute. Looks like I'm gonna have to do the anti-rain dance this weekend....Jamaica caan tek no more flood rains.

You are right Shotta mark and Charles, Jamaica can't handle another Hurricane at all! Tell me when yuh starting Charles, cause mi haffi go do a "anti-rain" dance too!

Kami, trust me you don't want to experience a hurricane at all, it nuh pretty, nuh pretty at all!

stunna enjoy the time out man.

so the merchants are itching to profit from others misery. pathetic

Stunner...I think we cool based on the path that Hurriucane Ernesto is taking. We may get some rain and a likkle breeze, but I think the blow will be mild.

Take good care of yourself Stunner. Its that time of year once again and the unpredictability of the season can cause much anxiety. Enjoy your vacation man.

Don't be so sure about them not making a killing. The hurricane season isn't over yet. Relax. Enjoy yourself my friend.