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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Wow! It Has Been A While!

My, my it has certainly been a long time since I have graced blogland with my presence! Well folks have no fear, Stunner is back in full force! I have so much catching up to do and so much to share with you. I don't even know where to start. I guess I'll give you a recap of what has happened during my forced blog break.

Exam Done!
Yeeah! Whoopeeee! At long last my exams have come to an end. One more semester down, two more to go! The past couple of weeks have been a rough one for me. Juggling work and studying is one hard act to maintain! The exams almost lick mi fi six! But I think I have hung on for a modest grade. Now my exams are done and most of my projects too. My book is basically finished, all I have to do now is to print it and hand it in to the lecturer. My exams finished today at 6:00 pm and with that it was time to celebrate and to start releasing the stress. So me and some of my classmates headed out to a little bar to have a few rounds. A few rounds of Cranberry and Vodka and some Rum and Coke certainly put my exam worries behind me. Now I have the next 3 months to have some fun! Ahhh, no school work, no studying...I feel so free!

New Notebook
Remember I told you that my PC crashed? Well I finally decided to part ways with my old somewhat faithful PC and step up inna life with a Lap-top. I got myself a spanking new Dell Inspiron 640m Notebook! It nice yuh si! Beautiful piece of machine. I have named her Lappitappi! I opted for a notebook because I need the mobility, especially since I'm going to school and it saves a lot of space in my extremely small apartment. It costed me two arms, two legs and a piece of torso to get it, but it's worth it. I have decided to sell the remains of my old PC, so at least I will recover some of the money I spent. But the good news doesn't end there! Recall how worried I was that I might have lost all my data? Well, the hard drive is still intact! Yes, I can still recover my files! It seems it was the motherboard that got damaged. So The person who is repairing the PC and selling it for me has copied all my files to a portable hard drive, which I now have in my possession. Now all I have to do is to transfer them and burn them to CDs. Yes people, regular backup schedule for Stunner!

Old Age
I became one year older last month. Yeah, one step closer to old age and retirement. Didn't do much on that day, just lazed around and went to dinner at a nice Chinese restaurant named, Dragon Court. The food there is good, really nice appetizer and nuff food for the main course!

Apart from those three noteworthy events, nothing much has happened since the last time I checked in. So that ends the recap of the activities and events since my absence. Now you can look to to the future, yes, regular crazy posts from the Stunner. What can you expect in my next post? Well, Carnival has come and gone but not without Stunnercam catching a few snaps and the road march! So I will be sharing with you some of the pictures I took in my next post.

14 commented:

New notebook - niiiice... ;)

Rahtid....exam done so you tun leggo beast now eeh!? yes my yute, is so you mus chop it, work hard and play even harder! Which bar did you and you crew go to?

good news re the laptop and Happy belated Birthday. Yes, Dragon Court food can nyam.

for a while there it looked like you bought a apple powerbook

I share your euphoria, big time. Hope you and "Lappitappi" will have a long blissfully filled life together.

Congrats on the coming retirement and new notebook. Looks sleek.

congrats stuns - enjoy the break from school too, eh?

Lucky you, I still have 3 weeks of school left. Congrats on the new laptop. I have a Dell too and have been very happy. Looking forward to the pics.


Thanks everyone.

I do intend to enjoy my break from school to the fullest. I didn't take any vacation time for my exams and I haven't taken any since the year started so I have some time to enjoy myself and unwind!

Dr.D, I don't remember the name of the bar, it's a little streetside bar on Hope Rd. near Firdays. My classmates suggested it.

Yes it has love...I want a Note book as well...I need one with all the things I need to say.

Birthday Wishes are in order I heard.....:)

Happy belated birthday.Which date was it?

Happy belated birthday! Lappi Tappi! I love it. Looking forward to daily (or at least, regular) posts from the I!

You sure is not Sanjay's....with the Red Stripe sign... almost directly 'cross the road from Jamaica House??

Pass chru dere pretty regula.

Yes Dr. D that's the name!