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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Stunner Recommends

Good Clothes for Less
When you need a pair of jeans on a budget, Maxie's Department Store in Portmore is the place to go! I stumbled on this store in my quest to find a decent pair of jeans some years ago after paying $3000 on a pair of jeans at Lee's (an "uptown" clothing store). And happy I am that I found it! An average pair of jeans now cost me $1200 and as low as $850 on sale! They sell other forms of clothes from various tops to belts, accessories and shoes for men, women and children. But for some reason I don't really like the shirts, I've only bought shirts there on only two occasions. They also have floor that deals with household items. But if you want good pair of jeans for a reasonably low price it's worth the visit.

Comfy Undies
Ok, ok, I know I will be getting a couple of eyebrows for this one. I probably shouldn't be blogging about this, but I had to share the joy. Last year I discovered the beauty of Hanes ComfortSoft® Boxer Briefs. And I must say the name speaks for itself, they are very comfortable underwear! I never knew underwear could be so comfortable, it's as if I was one with my boxer brief. I prefer boxer-briefs because it gives me the freeness of a boxer but it also keeps everything intact, especially when I'm at the gym (on the treadmill for you smutty minded people). So I'm not new to boxer-briefs, but the ComfortSoft boxer-briefs are a whole new level of comfort.

Stove-top Cleaner
I am not a big fan of cleaning, but I man place have to be clean and I can't afford myself much more a helper! So I am stuck with doing the cleaning myself. As a result I'm constantly in search of ways to make cleaning easier. I must admit that sometimes when I cook I'm in a rush, this happens mainly when I'm making breakfast, so the stove gets somewhat messed up. You know how sometimes you wipe the stove but the stubborn grease and dried spills decide to make your efforts seem worthless. So my stove got really messy and hard to clean. That's when my GF suggested that I buy Easy-Off One Step stove top cleaner and I did. This cleaner really worked! If you don't believe me, look at the before and after pictures of my stove. All I had to do was to poor it on the stove top and used a damp kitchen cloth to wipe off the mess. It took little effort to rub off that tough grease and dried spills.

This product is Fantastik! No I am not spelling incorrectly, that's name of this cleaning agent. It works well for general purpose cleaning in the kitchen and an around the house. It's good for removing grease and hard to remove dirt on most non-porous surfaces. My sis recommended this one to me, when I moved out on my own for the first time. Since then I've been hooked, and frequently use it when I have the strength to do some serious cleaning. I need a new bottle; it has been some time since I bought one.

12 commented:

Was beginning to wonder if this site was becoming one o dem channels to advertise consumer Home Shopping Network....where on the rare occasion that I have watched, has me very skeptical about the products! Like me feel seh a two different stove top weh use inna de before and after pic! "Stunner Recommends" might be some samfie bizniz! ;-) Jus cool!

Yeah man, boxer briefs wikid, you have my sentiments with allowing room and just the right amount of support. However, there are times where just plain boxers a de lick.

Happy cleaning!

Woo, well I'm impressed. That's some nice cleaning man. What ever were you cooking to make that spill anyway?

LOL! Yeh Dr.D I know what you talking bout with infomercials. Mi skeptical too. But the stove pic is for real, the stovetop cleaner does actually work.

Yes a decent pair of boxers is perfect for some occasions.

Thanks Dorna. I can't remember what I was cooking but I had to finish cooking before I cleaned it.

i think i skip on the briefs :D but i'm with you about fantastik! :D

Easy Off is the real thing.Man,it makes my cleaning ever so easy.

What's the jeans price in USD? Lemme see if you getting a good deal

I must try out those boxer briefs... Still, I feel say you getting some money for the adverts. If so, hook a brother up with the contacts nuh? I could use another dollar or two!

LOL, Ka, yeah that's a good idea.

Abeni it's about US$18 although it's no Levi or any big namebrand, But they fit good and are durable.

yes MB, yuh fi try it mi yute. Unfortuneately I am not getting paid for these indirect advs.

HSN on Stunner's

waht yuh have on computer parts Stunner....let me send my list. Do you take credit cards?

Maxie is cool store for real. Welcome to the world of bargain shoppers.

Speaking of store cleaners, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is frighteningly GOOD!

Boxer briefs....more room is the way to go.

well you got rid a di evidence of when u bun up di wahta. Easy Off a di real ting!!!

U mek di dumplin wahta boil ova washout

I fully agree about the Comfortsoft. There are geniuses at Hanes.