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Monday, May 22, 2006

Rain, Rain, Rain!

I woke up early on Thursday morning to the sound of continuous rain drenching the once parched soil. It was not much of a surprise because I received a severe whether text from the week before predicting a cold front and there were a couple of light showers the night before. But I was not prepared for so much rain. The rain was literally poring! And worst of all I had to go work. Ok, so I went to make some breakfast, some scrambled eggs, franks, two slices of brown bread and a hot cup blue mountain coffee. And then took a shower in the hopes that the rain will ease a bit before I head out to work.

No such luck Stunner! The rain continued to poor. So I had to grab a hold of my umbrella and pushed out to my car. Getting to my car dry was a feat, I had to dash though the rain and pulled off a magic trick to close the umbrella and get into the car. But that was not the hard part.

On the road was a mess! Water flowing along the road like raging rivers. I had to make a detour as the bridge that I normally drive on by Upper Waterloo Road was inundated by water and impassable. The alternate routes were not much better as water was flowing along the roadway in every direction. Inches upon inches of water, at one point I was wondering if I was still on a roadway or plunging my car in a river. Nevertheless, I pressed forward with wipers on high and water spraying from the sides of my car to work. Fortunately, I made it to work and not washed down to the sea by the torrents along the roadway. My car wasn't all that fortunate as I a now hearing a funny noise, like a belt or some bearings got some serious wetting. So I will have to get that checked out later this week. I managed to snap a few shots while on the road.

By 11:00 am the sun was out in full force, with almost no evidence of the previous downpour. The weather improved so much that even the test match (Cricket) between India and the West Indies team, that everyone thought would be cancelled, was in full swing. The weather is now back to normal, nice sunny days have taken over once again.

16 commented:

It's nice when the rain falls, unless you have to go into it.

Looks quite wet, Stunner.

Bwoi stunner it look like yuh was drivin through "Ivan"

that was nuff rain dey.I still wishing we would get some

I'm only happy when it rains

dude we gets nada over here in terms of good weather. what i want is one continous rain and then dry. dreary, overcast London

You did not save me no breakfast!

Call me sick, but I love rain in Jamaica, even when I had to go to a cold, cold office. I could see the mountains from my window. And the mist drifting down.

well good thing the rain aint wash ya off the road

Looks like you had fun. Its time something was done about Sandy Gully bridge, don't?

Bwoy...we can never be satisfied...I was bitching about the down pours last I'm wishing for more because it so hot.

jeesssssss! I thought it was raining bad here.

Never got it that badly. Hush! P.S. visit my blog bro. It's about time.

HI Stunner-Just passing through. Rain always good. We had a few days up here which we needed badly.

Dang, sounds/looks like Austin weather.