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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Carnival 2006 - Jamaican Style

As I promised in my last post, here are some of the pictures I took of Carnival 2006 in Jamaica. The street parade is divided into two road marches, the Jamaica Carnival road march and the Bachanal Carnival road march. I didn't get much good shots because I was at work. I just took a few minutes to take a few pictures. Anyway, no more chatting, here are the pictures! Enjoy!

Bachanal Carnival 2006

Roll it gyall, roll it gyal!

Revellers marching down Knutsford Blvd. to the Mass Camp

Buss wine!

Jamaica Carnival

The Gleaner revellers on Half Way Tree, heading to The National Stadium.

A shot of the "tail ends", of the parade that is.

Informal revellers, no spectators round here!

A shot of Byron Lee's truck in a sea of revellers.

12 commented:

Yayyy,I see the Vincy Flag representing.

Thanks for sharing the pics

Nice. Long time no wine.

I saw it too. There were a whole bunch of white dudes aching to get some Jamaican wining.

Wow...I see it too Abeni! *smile*

The pics are nice.


Wow...I see it too Abeni! *smile*

The pics are nice.


stunna you need to get a account mate. you've got some wikid pictures.

Bwoy stunna u up in di people dem parade wen u shud be at work! LOL! di pics are heavy tho. I bet u was dying to go an buss a few wine too!

...Conglomerate member...(W.P)

yes my yout, carnival looks like it was fun. but mi a gwaun hole it dung inna nippon ya. i just started this blogging thing last week and im actually blogging a novel im writing about being jamaican in japan. maybe you can give me some advice on how to blog it and what to do to get some hits. i dough know one madda ratbat soopa maukit claut bout dis bloggin ting. respec

a me aggen, figget fi gi yu di address.

nice pics - i def. have to reach one year.