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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Reggae Falls

As I told you in my last post, I was planning to go on a little excursion on Sunday. Well that's exactly what I did. One of my coworkers organized a trip and cook-out at Reggae Falls, in the deep rural hills of St. Thomas. St. Thomas is located at the easternmost tip of the island just south of my home parish, Portland. Reggae Falls is actually not a natural waterfall, but a man-made damn that is no longer in use by the nation's water supplier. However, it provides the locals and the visitors alike with a place to relax and enjoy themselves. So, without further ado, here are the pictures.

I took this one after the disembark from my vehicle on the trek down to the river. As you can see it is deep in the country-side.

A shot of the breath-taking man-made waterfalls.

Another picture of Reggae Falls taken by Stunnercam. At the top left you can see the massive water pipe that was used to transport the water.

Stunnercam getting up close and personal with the falls/dam.

Aside from enjoying myself in the water, I also enjoyed a couple cups of real Jamaican Mannish Water (Goat soup made from various parts of the Ram including the head and feet) as well as some Curried Goat, Jerk Chicken, Jerk Pork and Rice and Peas! To wash it all down was some good ole' Jamaican Sorrel drink mixed with some authentic Appleton Overproof Jamaican White Rum! Yuh know who fa gut did full!

I enjoyed myself, as this was a welcomed break from the stress of school, work and all the anxieties of life. Apart from work that was my weekend in a nut-shell. How was your holiday weekend?

18 commented:

Sounds good Stun man...but hol the Mannish Water fe me.

Falls look nice for man made.

Man, you had quite a weekend. I didn't know there was that "waterfall" there in Portland. It's pretty interesting. Nice that you had a great time, my weekend was filled with frustration - My Easter bun and cheese finally finished!!!

Jamaica is the last place I'd expect to see a natural waterfall. Now I have to check it out.

Wow it's breath taking....

The food you ate sounds so good.

I know you enjoyed yourself and full ya gut at that! LOL


Lovely pics.I had a quiet one-just went to the beach

i have to get to Jamaica man! very nice pictures. my weekend, though not as picturesque, was good and got some rest.

Ah jealous... I er do nothing fun for the whole weekend. This grown up stuff is for the birds.

now i'm very jealous to my friend... 'cuz she's in jamaica right now


Excellent. May get to Jam Rock in July to get some authentic Jamaican Yood.

i'm jealous of all that food, man! lovely pics, too.

Now the challenege is to photograph some natural falls. Glad you enjoyed the weekend.

Beautiful Jamaica, you do it justice with your pics, Stunner. How I miss that place, especially Portland.

great photos and sounds like you had a good time

Dang. u bring ur belly everyweh wid u washout,

I could use some of that fall right now!

What's the name of the community in St. Thomas? I'd like to visit that place. I'm actually from that parish and have never known of such a waterfall in the parish.