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Friday, April 07, 2006

Crunch Time!

I have been so busy! I can't even find time to blog, nor even to read any blogs! School have mi unda pressure! Test, Lab to write up and my presentation all next week Wednesday! Then finals are just 3 weeks from now!

Anyway here is a pic for the weekend. I wish I was there, instead of home studying and doing assignments.

Enjoy your weekend!

16 commented:

Yes my yute, at least you have your priorities straight!

same on my side of work and more projects

Is it Hellshire or North Coast?

My yute you have to do what you have to do.

Good luck wid it! Hey fetch out dah word verification nuh: irkatxyj

Best of luck with your studies!

I am in the same boat. Good luck!

Beat de books! The shot is nice...where is it taken?

Good luck with the exams

Calming photo. Screensaver worthy.

See how you lie.. you say you have no time to blog, and luk at yah!

Study hard.

keep ya grind up. it will be over soon.

well... best of luck with everything... :) you can always come back whenever you have time :)