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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Yes that's exactly how the place feels right now! Hot nuh bitch! I know it's the place that is hot and not just me, because my mind or body definitely can't simulate the heat that I'm feeling, nor the hot air blowing in through my window! The summer is certainly on it's way, in fact I think it reach already, because I can't imagine how I'm going to survive if the place gets any hotter. My fan is almost useless now as it's spitting hot air like a blow dryer. Unfortunately, I'm not blessed to have an AC in the apartment that I live, so I have to suffer the excruciating, skin melting, nose burning heat of the Kingston city. My only escape is the AC at my office, well the only bright side is that at least now I have something at work to look forward to.

I generally love the summer for the long days, the brilliant sunshine (when we don't have several tropical systems crashing the party), the endless supply of sexy, scantily clad females on the beach and on the streets and the welcomed break of the traffic associated with the school period! But I can't take the heat where I live! I need an AC in this apartment, I could buy one, but that makes no sense installing an AC unit in a rented place. So it seems I will have to suffer the torment of the heat, the tossing and turning at nights as the heat saturates my body, the sweating as I turn off the fan or step outside. I have now started to adopt the Dr. D style, yes the draws only fashion helps in these hot times!

Well what to do, the heat is on and it will be here for another four months, so I guess I will have to come up with a way to survive this heat and make the best of the summer! Anyway likkle more, I man gone hose down myself!

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yes.. times like this I wish I was back at my old apartment, it had an AC but more importantly it had a pool! :(

The days are definetly getting hotter and more humid.. I hate going out on the road in the middle of the days now.

don't think we don't appreciate the nice young men who are so hot they hadda take off their shirts!
hose u down eh?
please behave.. i'm at work! :)

Summer + global warming = eggs fry on sidewalk

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Roll into work and said Stunna, is it me or was today HAATTT!!!

I guess is times like these that inspired nelly's "hot in here"... "so take off all your clothes" listening spice

i want some of that heat here. it was 29C here last week and then tuesday night it drop down to friggin 5. it was 13 this marnin and that was cold too. i want some heat, stop hoarding it cross deyso in JA

Well, your "sun" has a happy smiley face :-)
ntohing wrong with installing the ac in a rented can always move with it when me it is worth it with this heat!...i dont knwo how i am gonna pay the electricity bills.....mine goes everynite

I love the summer but I'm not a heat kind of person. What is the world coming to when an island man isn't able to handle the heat? So much so, when family and friends stay overnight at my place, mannn, they get a cold azz reception. That house of mine is like the frozen tundra with the A.C! -lol

can't u just take the AC with u when u go?

No A/c.. whoa - not nice.


Yuh cyan buy nuh fan?

Men sweating in there draws is NOT a good look!

ask the landlord to install it.

Jamaica should have been a more "open" country. Seriously sometimes i feel to just strip on the road or make a lil breeze blow up underneath. Why don't we have a water park in Kingston? This sucks!

It just as hot here and even when it rains the place still humid. It's less clothes for me these days

Tami has the right idea. A water park is what you need. That or a good friend with air conditioning.

@ tami i got a one of those mobile plastic pool and a pump with all the necessaries ... does that count