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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Tid Bits

Another weekend is upon us, and although I am working all weekend I was actually looking forward to the weekend, Friday evening to be specific and to be even more specific Friday afternoon anytime after 2:10pm. Why? No I wasn't going out or getting a booty call, although I wish I were. I had my Final Project presentation at 1:30 pm Friday afternoon. No I'm not afraid of speaking in front of a group of people, nor do I fear giving presentations, but anyone who has been through the UTech Engineering system know how grueling the Major Project presentation can be. And trust me it was. The presentation section is nothing to be afraid of, it's the question and answer section that is the hell! In this section the panel tries their very best to discredit your project and to make you as uncomfortable as possible. They are responsible for thirty percent of the final grade and they make it as hard as possible to get that grade. I am just hoping that I actually pass the project with a good grade, even just passing will be good enough right now as this is the only thins standing between me and graduating as I have passed all my final exams. I am just glad to have it done and over with, hopefully it is for good!

I was checking out the What's New section on, as I to from time to time and came across an interesting web site. The name of the site is Warning against cliff jumping at Rick's Cafe Negril, which is owned by a visitor to Negril Jamaica from Montreal, Quebec, Canada who injured herself by jumping off the cliff at Rick's Cafe'. Now I do feel sympathy for her for injuring herself but I find it rather comical that she has taken it upon herself to become a crusader to warn people of the dangers of jumping off the cliff at Rick's Cafe'. Here is an excerpt from her account:

"To my surprise their were locals diving from trees and off the 33 foot cliff into the water. The 'lifeguards' from Rick's cafe Negril told tourists to jump in the water and give them a tip. At Ricks, there is no indication that tourists regularly suffer broken spines, sternums, bruises, and even death. I jumped not realizing that the impact of the water could crush my body. I broke my spine and sternum. I displaced my diaphragm and bruised my thigh. I thought I might drown had I not found the mental strength to surface from the water."

OK come on! It's a damn 33 feet drop from the top of the cliff! Does any sensible human being need any signs to tell them that this shit is dangerous? And that you could suffer serious injuries or death by jumping from such a height? I have been to Rick's Cafe' and one look at that ratid cliff was enough to convince me not to jump, no lifeguard could convince me otherwise! Even if someone was chasing me to kill me and there is no other means of escape, I would still think twice! Judging from the extent of her injuries it seems she made a serious belly flop! And anyone who has had a belly flop from even 3 feet above water knows the hard punch and lingering sting one receives. I find it comical that this lady is blaming Rick's Cafe' and the tour agency for this incident and even pursuing legal action. Maybe I'm being a bit insensitive, but any sane adult should know that jumping from 33 feet into water is extremely dangerous and that there is a very strong possibility that you can seriously hurt yourself! Even if you see others do it without harm. Anyway I hope she recovers from her injuries soon, and think twice about attempting any other dangerous feat.

Castleton Photos
On a more pleasant and safer note, since you enjoyed the last set of photos I took on my visit to Castleton Gardens, and were looking forward to seeing more, here are the rest of the photos I posted on my photoblog.

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3+3 and I would still need some serious convincing and has the height increases the chnaces of me to even consider diminishes rapidly ..well you get the picture ...she is blonde and white right.

That's the place where Marc jumped form right? I not that adventurous so I'll watch and cheer:)

Hope you aced the presentation

I can bet any money that she's white! It's like eye and distance coordination doesnt work too well for these people. She must have thought that when people say "chuk off" it was = to having life jacket on. Stupid. This story should be posted on silly things white people do. I'm no racist but...

see now you went picture taking without me! :( boohooo

nice pictures iyah

makes me wanna go visit!

I hope your presentation went well.

I've been to Rick's too and there was no way I was going to jump.

Good luck with the major project thing. Bwoy, I find it hard to believe she broke her spine and yet she found the strength to surface...

How did the presentation go? Beautiful pictures..

if u live in the US or Canada u r not responsible for assessing risk
u r a little baby that the government has 2 take care of

Two words: White people. Nice pics. Happy InWeDay!

my final project is in a bout 2 months and I haven't even started working on it yet :(

she needs to do a "where not to jump in water" article

Well, seeing the bad press that they're getting when people get injured, maybe they should take some more responsibility and put up additional warnings, invest in training for the guys etc. Afterall, they benefit from being a tourist destination and if they're going to be blamed when things go wrong, put precautionary measures in place.