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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Writer's Block - A Weekend Eye Candy

I have been wanting to post something since Thursday but it seems I have been suffering from a slight case of writer's block...I mean blogger's block. So I''l just post this pic that I saw while browsing The Star's website. Maybe it's just the angle but Latoya certainly seems blessed in the booty department! Enjoy your weekend!

13 commented:

Not bad ....but i seen better booty. Booty booty booty ...all hail the booty goddess ...where are you shorty.

Hahahah that seems like a decent cure for 'blogger's block'

alotta booty but needs more up top

Me too bobby, but it does look nice!

I certainly agree aarond!

I saw that too owen, but I guess the booty shifted my focus.

nice booty! but with a face like that coupled with her fake hair I'll be hitting it more from behind. That booty will come in quite handy ^_^

PS: if my girlfriend somehow finds this post my funeral arrangements will be in my next comment. ...tut:)

u sure it is a woman? :-D joke, but with the lack of bust who knows..a lot of them cross dressers are around now!

@ marangand why you needed to go and spoil us men fun ....know i can never look on that picture again ..DAMN!!!!

Nice eye candy. Face could use some work though.

Ehhhh... that booty's a'right. A'right in a GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY!!! The Lawd is my Shepherd, he know what I want!!!! Er um.. ahem.. I'm back now Stunner. Now I know what to do when I got Blogger's block.

Hey try this....I was tagged by to do a post about 8 random things about myself...I played along and part of the rule is that i have to tag others" so you are hereby tagged....It is not allowing me to put in the links