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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


My long awaited vacation is finally here and I'm wasting no time at all. I have packed my small suitcase and packed the other small suitcase into the larger one! My pastport and itinery are in my suitcase pocket, New York here I come!!! Family, friends, shopping! Lawd I can't wait!

The only bad thing it's that I'll be taking Air Jamaica, which means I will indeed have to wait, cause dem flight neva yet pon time! But I will just have to sit it out and find some nice beautiful young lady to keep my company.

If I get the chance to go online I will certainly drop a line or two and check out your posts! Tek care of unnuh self till di I come back to regular blogging!

14 commented:

Hey bring back something or us.... i ain't going nowhere... i am so hating right now... hate summers it just ...grumble grumble grumble

Enjoy yourself, Mr. Stunner! Get lotsa pics! BTW, your word verification thing was "vtciwbbu". Why Blogger still feels it necessary to use these long words and make them hard to read is beyond me. Mr. Stunner, I urge you to check out!

Enjoy....Am heading north myself but to Canada

Enjoy your vacation, you should have a lot of stories to tell when u get back!!!

What did you expect? It's a Jamaican run airline. Bring a barrel come fi mi!

mehh.. never been to NY before.

Get a few of those hot NY girls for me too.

Mannnn enjoy yourself. And get in a little vacay for a brotha too. I can use it too!

Mi jus lef from deh! I LURVE NYC.
If you can take a dollar van yuh wi get nuff joke and check out Utica Ave and Flat Bush. Only eat from Blue Mountain Take out -- Jamiacan Jamaican food.

Jamaican American Food full a fat sugar, salt and sauce.

If you wanna piece of East Africa or if you are Rasta inclined there is a wonderful Ethiopian restaurant (authentic) the ownwer Hanoake is a wonderful person to debate the merits of Rasta Tafari (the King) and Rastafari --political movement religion. He's in Harlem on 125th

why didn't u say something? I could have offered to show u around town.
Well, take lots of photos

Jealous. It was my second home but since my Mom's move to Florida in 2004, I haven't been back :(

all who can fly pon iron birdd a bat. haha.. well deserved vaction kid. after all the school drama i see you talk bout n the apartment looking drama and just.. the drama.

LOL @ Bobby!

Thanks Crankyputz

MB, I will certainly take lots of pics. I have considered Wordpress but they don't allow me to put on google ads.

Thanks Kami, and you enjoy yourself too.

I certainly will have stories.

Well I guess Delays are synonymous with Air Jamaica, Leon.

I have started the search already Adrian!

Thanks Luke.

Thanks for the pointers Gooders Girl. I might try it out if I get the chance.

It's not too late GC, I still have over 2 weeks to go!

Hush Gela, I'll post the pics so you won't miss it too much :)

Big bat, Taylor, lol!

hahah I should have read this post first. But I don't know how so much people have problems with air j and I don't have any when I fly hmmm