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Friday, June 29, 2007

One Week Gone Already!!!

Well I'm now in the second week of my vacation... can you believe one week gone already! Let me give you a recap of my week. Well as you all know before my vacation here started on Thursday of last week insted of Wednesday thanks to the airline delays. As a result I didn't even knew when Thursday passed by, since I slept out the entire day. But this unfortunate incident was quickly overshadowed by the news that I was heading to Pennsylvania early the next morning!

Friday morning bright and early we were off to Pennsylvania, and off to Hershey Park! Well this was not without a hitch as the directions my sister printed told us to exit left when we should have exited right off the New Jersey Turn Pike and send us into the wrong direction. But thanks to the expertise of the proficient, expert navigator Stunner....wah, who unnuh did expect? Please, man a big time travelo!...we were back on track by traveling on another route which eventually would meet up back on the right route. Let mi tell you something perople, this place was country! I mean some serious, deep, rural, farmland, country! Don't believe me? Look at the pic below.

We arrived at the Hershey Park and after driving around in circles to find the entrance to the parking lot we finally disembarked and headed to our first activity, A tour of the Hershey Chocolate factory! Yummm chocolate! The tour was short but sweet, we saw how all of the Hershey's chocolate products were made from scratch! Pretty interesting I must say.

After the tour it was time for some real fun...the amusement park yeeaahhh! And amusement it was! Whhhhheeeeee, Whhhooooooo, Ahhhhhhhh!!! Roller coaster ride after roller coaster ride! Bear in mind this was the first time Mr. Stunner has even been on a roller coaster. Heart pounding, palms sweaty, eyes bulging and feet shaking, but Mr. Stunner was not too be deterred as i sampled one ride after the next with only brief breaks between rides to eat and walk to the next ride! I swear sometimes on those roller coaster rides I saw my life flash in front of me and question myself, "what the heck are you doing on these things mad bwoy?" But nevertheless I was on another even more extreme ride! It was a great experience...and yuh know who would do it again!

On Saturday it was off the tour the Indian Echo Caverns to tour the cave. Once again this was a first for me. The cave was neat, and the tour guide was entertaining. And of course you know Stunner had to make use of this photo opportunity despite the water dripping all over the place. According to the tour guide if a drop of water drops on your head you get something like 10 years blessing and if it drops on your nose you get 15 years...if my memory serves me right. Well the water dripped both on my head and on my nose, hehehe now yuh Know yuh boy Stunner lucky! After the tour it was time to head back to New York, but not before some SHOPPING!!! Yes when found ourselves a shopping plaza that was having a sale at every store so we just couldn't pass up this opportunity. I'll post those photos on my photoblog during the course of the week.

On Sunday evening I decided to make a quick run to Target, why? More SHOPPING!!! Duh! Yeah by the time I finish this week I'll be as broke as a church mouse, as I have more clothes, sneakers and camera equipment to buy. The rest of the week was pretty much laid back as I did nothing but eat, sleep ans laze around...yuh know who going put on a piece a belly! One has to get some rest on ones vacation! Next week I'll give you a recap of week two.

Oh yeah, I just noticed, this is my 200th post! Cool!

10 commented:

Well Stunner, I'll also be in NYC for the 4th so if yuh care tuh hit me up on the email address and we cud do a link.
In de meantime save some shopping for me.

I dont like sweets but I like peanut butter :p

send on the resee's

hope you know how you're going to pay your rent when u get back

those roller coasters look evil.
you are a brave man.

Damn that roller coaster looks ...WOW!!!!! anyone ready for some mach 2 experience ...alll that g's ...hey can someone remind me where the embassy is again??

No roller coaster for me,thank you

hey,I went to that chocolate place too

Campfyah, I've been searching your blog an profile for your email and can't find it!

Yep Ardian nuff Resee's did deh deh, you would fatten yuh bell!

When I reach that bridge I'll cross it GC, LOL! Yeah the costers took a great amount of courage.

Yeah, these rides are something else Bobby, you sould try one fi real!

You can do it Kami, I know you can! lol. Did you enjoy yourself there? I bet you came hoe with a lot of chocolate!

boy I don't know anything about them vast american highways. I always imaine what if I run outta gas on one a dem, I'll never be found :(


Damn I wish I was on vacation..

I hate roller coasters

Wish I was there! Hope you have enough left for tution!

Oooh shopping and chocolate! Doesn't get any better than that!:-D