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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oh No Quiznos!!!

So you have changed your ads Quiznos! I noticed that Quiznos has changed their ads and are now focused on stimulating your appetite with mouthwatering meaty sandwiches, with that fresh out of the oven steam. They have even been enticing the low calorie eaters with their fresh chicken salads. Oh I have seen them, being rotated on the television almost on every cable station. But sorry Quiznos, with all the new advertising and smooth words you can't get this picture out of my mind!

What the hell were they thinking! How the hell would I eat one of these Quiznos meaty sandwiches with the picture of these creatures in my mind? What the hell are those creatures? Mutated rodents from Mars? I can't help to to wonder if that's what they put in their sandwiches. Oh no, your new ads will not work on me, you have permanently scarred my appetite! Traumatized my stomach!

Every time I see the new Quiznos ads or even hear the name Quiznos, this is what comes to my mind, click here! Quiznos anyone?

24 commented:

Have never tried their sandwiches while in the US.

I find lots of US ads for food can be just a bit too overbearing Stunner...very similar to the size of their portions!

Is this for real?? Is that a real ad? I almost busted out laughing at my desk when I saw it. You're right - how can those 'things' possibly make you want eat a Quiz sandwich? I never liked Quiz anyway and this does not help!

They ran those commercials here a few years ago, but they were pulled because business dropped drastically.

If you want to know where they got the idea from, it was supposed to be a play on an Internet video that was mailed around. You can see it here,

Oh i saw those ads too and i know what you mean total turn off and quiznos just opened a branch here too.

Daaag man. I'm hoping that they didn't just lose their collective minds. When they first started out their commercials had these ugly looking creatures. I hope that's not the case now because I love me some Quiznos.. I may just have to skip the footage to keep my love for them intact..

Well, I have never seen those ads before, but I eat Quiznos regularly and trust me, if those are what they are putting into their sandwiches, I will help them to kill thos little critturs! They taste GOOD! Have you tried their honey mustard chicken sub? Mmmmmm ! I think I will go there for lunch today!

Yeah those critters look like rodents!

Ugly little buggers are'nt they

I love those freaky animals! They're disturbingly cute!

Stunner,you interested in the link up? I doh get no response from you.

Sure Abeni, just say the time and place and I'll try to be there!


Thank goodness ah don't eat meat.


lol...I don't have too much to worry about as I've never been much of a sandwich, sub person to begin with.

hahaha funny ad. don't know these guys but wont be eating their sandwichs if i came across an outlet.

Oh my god, I thought I was the only one grossed out by that dumb ad! I completely agree with you. Everytime I pass by a Quiznos, the first thing that pops into my head is the image of those repulsive-looking creatures and the dumb-ass jingle that went with it! None for me thanks!!!

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I remember when those ads ran in Canada, I thought they were hilarious, but I'm not so sure anymore lol.

ewwww..... nasty creatures!!!

i've never seen the ads... thank god!... but still... ewwww

Hi Stunner-Just passing through. Haven't eaten at Quiznos.

I hope those 2 are not in the sandwhich!

Look like Quiznos lock you down to rahtid!

my problem with quiznos is the damn price. way too expensive. they were quite the growing franchise here up till last year but i've noticed a few of them going out of business lately

Whaaaattt Ever, I thought that was one of the funniest commercials ever. Lighten up.