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Friday, June 16, 2006

The New Toyota Cowrolla!!!

Oh What a Feeling... Cowrolla !!!

Spacious, all-terrain, ultimate tanning machine, with six horse, errh, six cow power drive train...

Just a little something for my weekend bloggers. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

13 commented:

Stunner I see you also solved the high gas price problem. You have a ready supply of free gas....biogas that is.

Totally green, cheap energy!

And it has constant sun roof to rahtid! Only ting...whappen to de AC? ;-)

but really the gas problem is solve but how is the bling factor? I mean can you role up on some honeys with dat at the quad? we're got to get some statistics!

hehehe. feeling that pic. save the environment baby!

Not quite like mine, but close.

Wow, I bet he saves a TON on gas!! Where can I get one of those?? Right now I'm tempted to park my ride and start bussing it! Thanks for the humor, needed that.

Is it turboed?......NO turbo no sale!!!

Hey man, as long as it runs. :D

I agree. During the oil price crisis, sacrifices must be made.

environmental friendly :D