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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Father's Day Madness, Dutty Whine and More...

On Sunday most of us celebrated Father's Day in some way or the other, whether we treated fathers to something special or if you were a father you were pampered on that day. But I scrolled through today's gleaner and stumbled on a very disturbing headline out of Trinidad, "Dad poisons kids, kills himself on father's Day"! What the hell! That's no way to celebrate Father's Day. Of all the days for a "father" to do such a ghastly act! This crazy and demented man (yeah I know they basically means the same, but I have to emphasize how crazy this guy is) gave his poor children, one 6 and the other 7, poison to drink and then decided to drink it himself. Why didn't he just kill himself if he had relationship problems? There are some really sick persons in this world! Now the 6 year old girl is dead and the boy is battling for life in the hospital. What happened to fatherly love?

Happy Exam Results
On a much happier note, I logged on to the University's site to check my grades, and much to my relief, the have posted the results. Well, not the actual grades, but whether we passed or failed the course. An I passed both of the courses I did exams for! YIPEEEE!!! I am hoping I get at least B- for the subjects, I would really love any A, A-, A, A+, gimmie anyone! But even if I don't get it, I wont feel too bad cause I passed! They have not posted the Seminar results as yet, but I'm not worried about that course, because I feel I did well.

Dutty Whine My Girl Dutty Whine!
The new dance craze here in Jamaica, The Dutty Whine, seems to be the favorite among many young women in the clubs and at the dances. It's not just the dance that is a crowd favorite, the song too has sunk roots into the pleasure zone. It is so popular that almost every phone rings with the Dutty Whine song! This dance has some serious whining, these girls whine as if their waits were set on spring and rubber, ass bouncing all over the place! That's not all, their is some serious head movement with this dance, as the women violently swing their head in a form of circle. I tried to get some clips to show you. I got a very nice one of just the lower body movement, I know my fellow male bloggers will love this... I love it! Go here I was not able to get any clips with the real head movement, but this might give you an idea, it's a bit more violent than this clip Note you may need broadband to really enjoy the Dutty experience. You can visit You Tube for more, just search for Dutty Whine or Dutty Wine.

New Post on 'N Shape
There is a new post on my fitness blog, 'N Shape. I am continuing with my series on diet fads. This week I am featuring The South Beach Diet. So you can check that out at 'N Shape.

17 commented:

will have to check the dutty wine when i reach home.
father poisons kids and himself on fathers day? oh man some really disturbing stuff happening in tnt lately. really scary

Wow! she killin that dance right!....looks like fun. Too bad about those poor children...some people. Yippeee! As Well:)

That was just sick. Poor kids. Dutty Wine on YouTube. Wow. Jamaica gone online!

that sucks. not a way to celebrate.

caught the YouTube bug eh? dutty wine all the way.

Ooohh man. Tell me that didn't happen. On Father's day??? On the other matter, you've gotta give it to They are repping in a big way right about now..

Congrats on you exam results! experience some o dat dutty whine live recently! Good nuh rass! ;-)

Some sick tings a gwaan down in Soca Warrior country!

dutty wine a de wickedess woooey

i've even seen a ton of those youtube videos - mattheron has the children, plenty white girls and even some men, EVERYONE doing that thing!

p.s. congrats on the exams

There are quite a few videos here! I didn't even know. Di Dutty Wine gone a lead.

There are some other more xxx videos there the men could enjoy too ...

Congratulations on passing your exams! My younger sister taught me how to do the dutty whine when she came to visit from JA and let me tell you, it is not just a dance, but a good work out! It's fun though.

Congrats on the exam results!

I dunno what to say about these shocking stories that are coming out of Trinidad.Why he couldn't just walk away eh?

I better learn the Dutty whine for when I come to Ja next mth:).I hope the blog crew ready for a link up

here is another link for another one Stunner

Yow Stunner that is horrible news. I really what motivated that father to do such a terrible thing.

Anyways hope all is good. I guess I took a long break from blogging, but I'm back.

Nice dutty wine, I hope it catches on here.

congrats on the exams :)

dutty whine... that's so cool! :D

Heyyy, congrats on passing.

Dutty whine is like moving to soca with head-swinging?

Ive been practicing.... in my sleep.
I rock in my dreams...