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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Meet Julie

I have been blogging for some time now, and I feel I have become somewhat close to you guys. So I have decided to share a piece of my very personal life with you guys.

I really can't remember my first encounter with Julie, it has been such a long time that I have known her. We have been more than friends for almost all my life. Julie has a unique shape, that nice semi-oval figure that distinguishes her from the others. Her rosy red cheeks, not as bright as the others, but just perfect, not too bright and not too dull. Believe me, I have had others, so many other ones, but none of the gives me the satisfaction that Julie can provide. No other has that unique shape, that skin colour or that unique fragrance. Only Julie can make me that blissful, heavenly feeling.

You can small her sweet fragrance from a mile away, no matter where she is that fragrance arouses every one of my senses and gets me so exited of the prospect of indulging in an almost sinful pleasure. Just one look at Julie and I can't resist...those curves, that radiant brightness of her skin when she is more than ready to be devoured, the thought of how she feels in my hands when I caress her beautiful skin. Yes that smooth skin, sometimes spotless or sometimes a hint of beauty spots caused by the time she spends in the sun perfecting her tan, but smooth an silky nevertheless.

I just can't wait to undress Julie, remove all that external clothing and indulge in the pleasures of her tender, juicy body. Oh the thought of tasting her sweetness and devouring her like there is no tomorrow, feeling her inside my body as we become one, one body. I can't control myself any longer, the thought of her permeates my entire body, down to my stomach. I hunger for you sweet, sweet Julie. I must have you now!

Meet Julie,

Have you ever had a Julie mango? It's the best mango ever! What did you thing I was talking about?

14 commented:

Its just a mango, mind you it the greatest mango ever, but it is just a mango.

I was gonna say, Julie was sounding too sweet, almost mouth watering.

Yeah Julies are good, I have to admit....but I'm a Bombay man myself.

Lol,midday through I figured it was a mango.Great writing though and I love them myself

Oh, she's so beautiful! (And tasty too.)

Like Charles, Bombay is what gets me all aroused....Julie cyaan manage me! ;-)

I have met Julie and she is as enticing as you portray her.

so if it's Julie for a man what's the name for a woman Julias, yea boye dem mangoes sweet enuff.

How clever! Well I had some of Julie yesterday. She was oh so good!

Yow boss yu wicked yu know!!
Yu have me scrolling down quickly to look for a NICE picture of a sexy ting!
Yu watch T&T today?

i love julie mangoes too and yes i knew instantly that it was a mango you were talking about hehe

ok julie mango eh? you obviously haven't heard of nigeria's kerosene mango. bigger, fatter, extremely juicy. lol. gr8 post ya crazy man

Hello Stunner,

You had me laughing so hard I almost passed out. You are a great writer. If you wrote books, I would buy everyone of them, you are a deep man. For a while there, I thought u were talking about a woman. I was saying to myself, you are really in love and she is a bad mamma jama. Anyway keep writing, your the bomb.

Nassau, Bahamas