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Thursday, June 01, 2006

2006 Hurricane Season Begins!

Today marks the beginning of another dreaded hurricane season, the 2006 Atlantic Hurricane Season. Last hurricane season was the most active hurricane season recorded in history with some of the most devastating hurricanes in history, with Katrina heading the list. The images of the last season still haunting us, and now we are at the dawn of another season.

The predictions are in, and from all indications it seems we will not be getting any relief this season. According to the NOAA, they are expecting:

  • 13-16 named storms
  • 8-10 hurricanes

The names of these prospective systems have already been released. You can check out the names here.

So I guess it's that time again for us to start saving up some "hurricane money" to buy provisions for another rough season.

I think there might be 18 storms and 8 hurricanes, what are your predictions and are you ready for this season?

10 commented:

Don't remind me about last me, I don't want another hurricane season like that again....ever. I hope all the storms bypass Jamaica this year.

Ok, I'll be optimistic and say that God will spare us this season of a big hurricane. We will definitely feel the effects of some systems though.

The real question is not if I am ready but is the government and the ODPEM ready for this year????

How scary. I'm fortunate where I live not to have to deal with any major storms. Stay safe this season!

to many christian names for these natural bastards. what about Hurricane Hamza? or simply Bin Laden ;)

Your prediction is scary, especially after last year's fiasco of hurricanes.

Yes, this is the praying season. It has been predicted here in the NE that the hurricanes will be more up this way than in the traditional down south and the hurricane belt of the Caribbean.

Let we just hope for the best

Seems that they say we are in for it again. I really hope they are wrong. Can't deal with another battering at all.

I was in Ja last year when Katrina hit the US, it was awefully pretty from the JA side. FLying over it on the way back was a bit scary.

No am not ready at all.I predict we will be spared hurricanes cuz we gotta host CWC07:)

I hate that time of year...I want to go on a cruise...:)