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Sunday, June 04, 2006

In Shape

I have been reading quiet a few blogs and have noticed that some of the bloggers have embarked on or have already been trying to get their bodies in shape. I too am a part of that throng of persons who are trying to get themselves into better shape, both for looks and for health.

I have altered my diet and started working for some time now. Well on and off. But I am much more focused now and have been working out regularly and watching what, and how much I eat. Gots to get that summer body now and for ever.

With my fitness goal in mind I have been investigating the whole subject of getting in shape and have been reading about diets and workout programmes as well as supplements, including mass gaining and fat burning supplements. I have decided to share some of the things that I have read and tried with you all as well as tell you about my personal opinions on certain diets and workouts. So I have decided to make a sister blog to share all of this with you. The blog is called In Shape and the URL is I will be posting once a week for now, depending on how popular the blog gets. Hopefully you will find it interesting and will benefit from the information on the blog.

What are you still doing here? Go check it out!

6 commented:

Good for you! It's never too late to start getting in shape.

Peace man. Good looking out on the sister blog and I hope it generates alot of views. We're all attempting to get ourselves right and like shellyp said, it's never too late to start getting in shape. I'm always a work in progress myself...

Stunner,stunner you look fine as it is :)

Will definitely be checking it out. As the years roll on and so do the lbs it's an uphill battle.

nice one mr stunna. let me finish this lovely hambuger right hurr ...

I went to the gym today, been away from it for two weeks so it felt great to workout again, it is a struggle I was huffing and puffing. Yeah, keep up the good work, we can inspire each other.