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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Wow, it has been a while since I last "put fingers to keys" on my blog! No Dr. D, Quiznos didn't get to me. I have been so busy the past couple of days, so I didn't have time to visit blog-world. But now that I'm back, let me dive in!

You must have been wondering what the subject of this post is all about. Well if you live in Jamaica or was in Jamaica Saturday night then you would definitely know what I was talking about. The entire island of Jamaica, all fourteen parishes, from the rural country communities to the capital city, the white sand beaches to the mountain tops, was plunged into total darkness! Yes the nation came to a standstill from about 4:30 pm until near midnight when the power slowly began to return one region at a time. I guess the sole provider of electricity to the general public, the Jamaica Public Service (JPS), has a lot of explaining to do. The government has already asked for a report on the island-wide failure, which is to be ready by Monday. I just find it very suspicious that the parent company, Mirant, which owns the majority of the company just a couple of days ago announced that they are pulling out and is planning to sell all its 80 % shares in the JPS and only a few days later Jamaica experiences an all-island power failure! It could be just a coincidence, but I just can't shake my suspicion, because just a few days after Mirant's announcement the government sought to reassure the nation that Mirant could not just pack up and move out! I wonder what they are up to? Could this have been all planned?

Well while most persons were home bored...Or otherwise finding ways to entertain themselves ;) Poor Stunner was at work unda severe pressure! Yes, being a worker at a prominent Telecommunications company, an thus relies on electricity, JPS certainly transformed a quiet evening at work into a nightmare! I was so happy to go home when my shift was over. Fortunately the power was back in my vicinity of Kingston by the time I left for home. I know the contact centre at JPS had more than their hands full! Will Jamaica be plunged in darkness once again? Only time and JPS will tell.

11 commented:

Ahhh, power cuts... Mirant.... Trandiv and Gendiv... The call centre ladies... those were the good days! :-)

I hope a Jamaican group of businessmen gets together and buys out Mirant.

Yes, that shyte was effed up...but I must say that we ended up having apretty good time here at de yard albeit by candlelight!

I think them a sabatorge wi before them sell out.

boy power cuts. memories. mama starts cooking up all the meat cos she afraid it's gonna thaw out and start rotting.

ahh power cuts. i remember in barbados they used to occur always in the best part of the tv show you watching

The sooner Mirant comes out of JPS the better, because they are having solvency issues. This has been reported in the international press.

Wow,that was a long power outage.Good thing it went early or it woulda been scary if it just went black at say 8.30

Did they find out the cause of the powercut?

JPS! You got some 'splaining to do! I was at a friend's house when it happened. we were playing dominoes so we weren't bored. I think its because of Mirnt selling out.

Its Link up time again. I will be in Jam from Thursday for 1 week. Want to link up again. Lick my site to post times/places nuh?

Whoa!!! 4:30pm to midnight? Mannn, that's a long azz time to be without power on that island. I didn't hear anything about wide spread looting. Was everything as laxed as it appeared?