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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ochie Run Part I - Dunn's River (The Falls of Death!)

Well the Ochie run wasn't too bad at all. We left Kingston at about some minutes after 7 in the evening and took the log drive down to Ochie. Well Ochie isn't all that far from Kingston but the winding, bad roads make the journey seem like forever! Didn't do much that night just grabbed some food from a Jerk centre at the entrance of the town. The Jerk wasn't too bad at all. We stayed at a little hotel named Rooms on the Beach. It's not an all inclusive hotel, but it was decent. Nice rooms and a wonderful beach.

Saturday it was off to Dunn's River Falls and the beginning of the adventures of Stunner. I enjoyed a swim in the wonderful blue Caribbean Sea and then it was time to tackle the falls. I climbed the falls pretty well and quickly until I reached the slippery rocks. At this part of the falls the rocks are covered with a thin film of a brown coloured algae, which is extremely slippery. So with this in mind I had to take care an watched were I placed my feet to avoid slipping and slide down the falls. All this went well...Until "oh shit", I anchored one of my feet in a groove that was covered with the slippery algae and there I was in a split second grasping and clawing in a effort to stop myself from sliding down the falls! !%$@$#*$! I can't get a grip! I can't get a grip! I'm sliding done the falls on my belly, I can't stop! "Lawd mi dead yah now!" Oh shit I'm still sliding, I'm now on my back and the edge of a rock is only a few feet from my feet and I'm sliding fast! That's it Stunner dead yah now to rass!!!! "Oh God thank you!" a hand grabs me around the wrist, I've stopped moving, my heart is still beating and the edge of the rock is still a couple of feet away. That was close, shit, I was so shocked, not scared at all, I didn't even had time to be scared, it all happened too quickly! After regaining my composure, the guy that grabbed my hand and saved me from certain death negotiated for about 5 minutes how to survive that part of the falls. We completed the falls successfully after that and Stunner conquered the falls! But that was really a close call, I slid for about six feet, the guy who saved me was actually one of the persons on the trip with us an we were all climbing the falls together, good thing he was a few feet behind me. At the top of the falls we had a good laugh, at me expense.

A bit of bad news, although I survived my ordeal, my camera didn't make it back alive. No it didn't fall down the falls or got soaked while I was sliding. It actually fell later that evening while I was taking a picture in the wonderful sunset. The cord that I used as a security from falling actually gave way and sent my camera diving to it's death in the salt water. Don't despair, I should be getting a new one soon, more advanced and better for taking the shot's I want. I'll introduce it to you when I get it. It will set me back a couple of dollars well, but I just can't do without a camera. Enjoy one of the last moments of my camera below.

A Shot of the hotel landscape

The beautiful beach

The base of the falls

A beautiful Jamaican sunset

Oh no the adventure doesn't end there, stay tuned for Part II. Remember tomorrow is Blogger's link up here in Jamaica, suh if yuh deh yah, mek sure yuh deh deh! You can got to Mad Bull's Blog for the details if you don't already know.

10 commented:

I've had to save someone just like that on those falls. Slippery stuff, especially in the summer.

Too bad about the camera. What are you thinking of getting?

Bwoy, is years me nuh go Dunn's River Falls!

I wonder if "Rooms on the Beach" is what used to be called "Inn on the Beach?"

Sorry 'bout the camera, it did manage to take some nice parting shots!

See you lata, tho I naw plan fe linger much.

You didn't save any jerk for me.... selfish (hmph)! Lol

damn about the camera. agree with dr some nice parting shots.

Watch out for those slippery rocks. They're killer!

hush Stunner. Look at it this way...opportunity to improve and step up to a better model.

I'm not sure Dr. D, could be.

Nuh worry Booklyn Bbe, link me up whenever you get to come to Ja adn I'll treat you to some Jerk.

Justacoolcat and Scratchie, it is an opertunity to get a better camera, I'm thinking of the Kodak Z740.5Mp and 10X optical zoom, perfect for scenic shots.

Dat last pic is absolutely beautiful. Hey Jamdown nice yu know.

Nice pictures, sorry to hear about the camera... I want to get a new one myself, a small one I can carry unobtrusively everywhere...

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