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Friday, July 28, 2006

Bloggers Linkup 2006

Wednesday night at La Cabana was the spot, under the unique design of the thatch roof was the place to be if you are a blogger. Another great night of meeting and greeting the people who share a bit of their lives with us on their blogs. It was the second blogger link up here in Jamaica.

By the time I got there I could see quit a few persons hanging out by the bar sipping on some "juice" and chatting away. There were quiet a few faces that were present at the first link up like Mad Bull, Dr. D and Scratchie and some new faces, Leon and Francis. And oh my God! Females! Yes, unlike the last linkup when we were hopelessly abandoned by the female bloggers, we had been graced with the presence of females! I finally got to meet the wonderful blogger from St. Vincent, Abeni a.k.a. Kami and her Aunt as well as other half of the Mad Bull, Nattie. The entourage didn't end there as later in the night we were joined by another female, Gela, who is quiet new to the blog world and later by Owen and the man who claimed to be "fashionably late", Shatta Mark.

The link up was great as usual, chatting and getting acquainted over some BBQ wings, BBQ wings, Fritters, Potato Wedges and washing all that down with a drink or two of choice. I am a bit disappointed with the other female bloggers who said they would be there, I won't call any names, you know yourselves! But It was a great linkup and maybe next time it will be bigger, yes even as big as Mad Bull's vision of a whole weekend at some resort!

9 commented:

I was happy that I showed up. Hope this ting just moves from strength to strength.

what time did you guys leave?

mi neva kno seh uhnuh really have linkups and ting. hopefully i'll be in JA in late august if not by christmas. Mi wish mi did deh dere. Mad Bull and I go back a couple years when I first started bloggin in 2003. He gave me mad props and alot of people came through the old site b/c of him. I'm back and ready fi big up miself.

That's fantastic when folks get together and just do the things that they say they will. The bloggers meetups that I read so much about are always put together well. I'm still trying to make it to my first, although the other one I went to, only 3 of us out of 20 people showed up. That was the worst!

Guys and Gals looking good, just wish I could have seen the photo clearer. One of these days, hopefully, I'll be somewhere where I can join oneof the link up.

Lol, the guy on the cell phone. Sounds like much fun!

Wish I could have been there!

I know is me yu throwing word pon yu nuh Stunner. But that's cool still. Glad you all had a good time.

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