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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Who said...

... white girls didn't have ass? Saw this girl at the Ft. Lauderdale International Airport on Friday, and immediately went into paparazzi more with my cellphone. Well, I might be wrong and she may have been Hispanic/Latina. Else that would have been a white girl trapped in a thick black girl's or Latina girl's shape! Well: white, Latina, mixed with black, whatever, she has a ratid shape and booty!

4 commented:

A Florida you deh! She is a Latina!

no sah. she nuh white, or maybe it's the jeans. The lady beside her now thats "white"

ya never hear ludacris say he is the "new phenomenon like white women wid ass" lol
true ting dat. in the past few years I've seen some white chicks with real ass. not latino white white. not sure what happen, i think they discover yam and sweet potato lol

there are many white women with that shape.. trust me, im dating one of them