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Monday, August 31, 2009

Chris Brown Shocked with Amnesia!

I was watching on CNN HLN today and say a clip of the Larry King Live, Chris Brown interview and was totally shocked at what Chris Brown was saying! This was the first public interview Chris was giving after his altercation with his then girlfriend Rhianna which send her to the hospital with multiple bruises. This was his chance to tell his side of the story and to salvage his reputation, but his interview responses threw some serious punches. Why?

Larry King: "When you hear all the things the Police and the reports said you did, how do you react to that?"

Chris Brown: "... I just look at it like wow... I'm in shock..."

What the hell! What do you mean by you are in shock? You personally beat a girl to a pulp and then turn around in an interview saying that you are in shock as if you were one of the millions who watched this shocking story on TV! What were you in shock for? That it actually got out on the news? That you got charged and sentenced for beating a woman? What are you in shock? Ratid, I'm in shock that Chris Brown is in shock! But that isn't all, what really took the cake was what happened next!

Larry King: "Do you remember doing it?"

Chris brown: "No."

What the #*#^@&%! What happened Chris Brown, are you suffering from amnesia? You beat beat a woman so bad that she had to go to the hospital and the police had to get involved, you see the incident reported endlessly in the various media and now you all of a sudden forget! Hold on, I wonder if Chris Brown is a drug addict or a serious alcoholic, because he must have been under the influence of some mind altering substance to forget that infamous incident! Oh wait, better yet, maybe it is that Rhianna put on some serious lick (blows) in his head, giving him a concussion, leading to memory loss!

It seems Chris Brown wasn't ready for this interview at all, he should have stayed in hiding a little longer, because his answers to Larry King's questions were very lacking. His publicist and manager need to be fired for letting Chris brown go on big CNN, on a famous show as Larry King Live and chat such rubbish! Not even a little dry run session to prep Chris before so he didn't go on to national TV and further damage his reputation! Despite what might have gone down on the night in question between himself and Rhianna, this bout of amnesia just don't cut it! He just needs to fess up, confess about what happened, offer a sincere apology to Rhianna, go to counseling and try his very best never to let something like that happen again. Join support group or action group against violence against women and re-gain some form of good standing with his fans and the public. But claiming to be shocked and forgetting what he did, nuh mek it (unacceptable). Chris Brown needs to go beat out something better on the drawing board!

Oh before I forget, damn amnesia! Here is the video...

11 commented:

chris brown is a jack***

by the way mi a borrow that chris brown photo for my blog. :-)

are we still talking about this? even I feel weirded out and its not even me. And who is dressing this dude?

If he wasn't man enough back then to take responsibility for what he did to Rihanna, why would he do that now? Everyone needs to get over him... including himself.

I think Chris Brown is insane. Or maybe he has a multiple personalities.

the sweater is to make remind us the he is The son of Dr.Huxtable, that alone I am convinced he is innocent.

RiRi is quite the accomplished "Hoe" these days. She is making duets with all the leading men of Hip Hop and R&B.

Unbelievable! I agree his publicist needs to be fired ASAP. Lawd man it's simple, apologise, go to counselling and don't blinkin do it again. There is no sense whatsoever in this behaviour. He has proved himself to be not just a woman beater but an idiot too. Buy hey, maybe this will go over well in the States - I don't know what it's like there.

Lol he is so unbelievably bad that it is funny.SMH

I am watching the interview now, they repeating it on CNN. I can see the anger now Stunner.

Who really picked out the babyblue sweater and bow tie, how foolish do they think we are. The soft voice and innocent demeanor is so obviously fake.

If he is really a "man" as he states why did he have to surround himself with his lawyer and mom.

Even though he still has an arrogant immature way about him which is why I think most people are unforgivable toward him, I think he is truly sorry about the specific incident.

I think the answer he gave about not remembering is simply because he he was trying avoid talking about specific episodes of violence. I understand, the objective was to cleaning it up, not bring out the dirty laundry AGAIN.

I think we have torcher him enough. We are treating him like an outcast a leper. I think we can move toward forgiveness now. We call make mistake regardless of how big or small. I know in America's media where they feed off this kind of negative thing its hard.

If Chris was not a celebrity without the large support system around him he probably would have sinked further into a life of crime, escalating into a bigger monster or just kill himself.

The criticism on him is 200 times fold because of who he is.

@dutty if riri was just a regular girl off the street he would not be on cnn asking for forgiveness and nobody would have known about it. Dude is the is a sacrificial lamb. so it go, soon you'll start seeing domestic abuse photos with a picture of chris b on them.

I like that he's a dumb ass...