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Friday, August 28, 2009

Ookkkaayyy Then!

That's what I had to say when I saw the image of Ms. Kitty (AKA Fluffy Diva) on The Star's website as the Hottie Hottie Femme Fashion girl of the day! I know Ms. Kitty as a very self-confident fluffy (Jamaican slang for larger/chubby/fat women) woman. When I went to that section of The Star's website I certainly was expecting to see a picture of Ms Kitty in a swimsuit hanging on to a pole! What do you say: Self-confident or just plain bold? Sexy or tasteless?

8 commented:

Woman proud of herself yes. She got nuff nuff confidence

Ewww she looks nasty. Deep down i thinks she's an insecure person who constantly lies to herself and will do anything to fool herself into thinking that being fat is ok, she needs to stop being mentally and physically lazy and go lose some damn weight.

Are you kidding me? Fluffy? kmt being fat is unhealthy. go lose weight and keep healthy.

Gordon Swaby

i don't think fat people can control it anymore than real skinny people, and judging them like gordon just did is what's nasty... i think she's beautiful

That's a bit harsh don't you think Mr. Swaby?

Are you one of those men who think that only skinny women are healthy/ attractive?

I, for one, am glad to finally see larger women celebrating themselves rather than spending their entire life trying to be someone they aren't.

Big up yuhself Miss Kitty. Fluffy to di rerl!

I think if she wants to do that why not. why all the model dem have to be skinny?
plus i would rather see a fat woman that has a beautiful face than a ugly bony one

Proud of herself, but not attractive to me. Please believe that attractive to me does not mean skinny. I've dated the full spectrum, but being healthy is important. That picture does not show someone who is pleasantly plump or chubby. That's too much for me.

Bwoy, Mr. Stunner, she cute in her face still, but she is a bit too fluffy for I-an-I. I am glad she has the self confidence to "do her thing" tho, and there are definitely men out there who want the fluffiness! Not tasteless, not to me anyway.
Yow, since you are my bredrin, I will post a girl who is MY kind of fluffy, just for you! See di link yah!

Lately, an Indian emigrant to Jamaica, who is a quite small frail software-engineer, was on a days-long discussion with me about his physical troubles with his native Jamaican wife, who is a really big sturdy weightlifter. His puny 108 lbs 5'-3'' fainting body was literally played-with by her homongous 352 lbs 6'-4'' obstinate body. He once lost his temper and he palm-hit her, and the price included his suffering of a fractured shoulder and three broken ribs, and three months in a hosp. So one should not lose his self-control and self-restraint with such physically 'over-respectable' women. The discription of his wife looks very similar to the photo above. - CAN ANYBODY IN JAMAICA ASSURE THAT THAT INDIAN SMALL FRAGILE HUSBAND IS STILL FINE, IN THE HANDS OF HIS JAMAICAN LARGE RIGOROUS WIFE ?!