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Friday, August 14, 2009

Orphan, The Ugly Truth

Hi there my readers... well that is if I still have readers, since I haven't posted or visited much blogs lately. Things haven't been all that hectic, but it seems the time just goes by so quickly without me even knowing what I did or when the time went by. One of the few things I have been doing is watching a couple of movies at the cinema and of course I have to give you a run down of the two I watched so far.

The fist was The Ugly Truth, a battle of the sexes romance comedy staring Katherine Heigl who plays Abby Richter, a small network TV producer at the top of her game but not the same in her love life and Gerard Butler who plays Mike Butler who runs a off the wall programme about relationships on a late night cable station. Their worlds collide when they are pitched together to host a programme on Abby's network in a desperate bid to increase ratings. Mike takes on the challenge of helping Abby get her love life on track which leads to quite a few funny moments. The Ugly Truth, although predictable, was a decent romance comedy which is sure to give you a few laughs and won't let you feel bad about going to the Cinema. I give it a Stunner Rating of 3 out of 5.

Last night it was off to the cinema again, but this time it was to watch Orphan. Now this movie was pretty decent, the story line, the suspense and the ensuing terror was just enough to make it a movie worth watching. It started off slow, but I guess that slow start was needed to build up the story and the scenes to follow. The movie is about a couple, John and Kate (Peter Sarsgaard and Vera Farmiga)... no not the same ones from John & Kate Plus 8, these had only two children. However, they have been suffering from the loss of their third child who was a stillborn which has left Kate very fragile since the ordeal and it has been putting a strain on their marriage. In ad effort to move on with her life, save her marriage and appease her young daughter who wants a sister, Kate decides to adopt a daughter from the local orphanage. They find themselves drawn to a very articulate orphan named Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman), who they decide to adopt. However, they certainly were not prepared for what Esther had to offer and the life threatening trouble that was to follow, because there's definitely something wrong with Esther. If you want to go watch a movie with great suspense mixed with terror and a decent plot, then this is definitely the movie to go watch. I recommend this movie for the cinema money! I give it a Stunner Rating of 4 out of 5!

I guess there are a few movies still out there worth going to the cinema to watch.

1 commented:

It's funny how you start this post off and then to have no one comment on it. Begs to wonder if people still read blogs uh?

Anyway i saw these two movies, The Ugly Truth was kinda blah to me, these romantic comedies of lately have been borderlining corny to me. Of course they going to get together at the end, of course, of course. I miss tear-jerking romantic comedies like Notting Hill, Truth about Cats and Dogs and Sliding Doors just to name a few. Producers should just give up when a script liek this comes their way.

Secondly, The Orphan triggered many emotions in me. It's definately something to watch, the twist is good. Its kept me at the edge of my bed where i watched from. Good thing i can pause and replay when i missed something.
Sometimes i look like Ester after i wash my hair. Scarey.

UT-2.5, O-4