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Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Am Legend II

No, they are not making a sequel to I Am Legend, but the should, but this time the star will not be Will Smith, but our very own Usain Bolt! What else can we call him? His performance at the 2008 Olympics and now at the 2009 IAAF World Championships, is phenomenal, no, legendary! Another page in history was written by this great track and field author, Usain Bolt, when he snatched... no, when he out-rightly and deliberately, without a shadow of a doubt took the gold medal in the 200m finals! Not only did he just convincingly win the race, but he smashed his own World record that he set a year ago with a winning time of 19.19 seconds! Apart from Lightening all i can think of to call him is Legend!

Continuing with the movie script, I think he can have another costar to the cast and she is none other than Melanie Walker, who won the 400m hurdles with the world's second fastest time! Melanie won the race in a convincing manner, similar to that of bolt way ahead of her nearest competitor in 52.42 seconds, a new championship record. Congrats to Melanie Walker on a stellar performance and for getting a gold medal in a great race.

The Jamaican team is certainly on fire at this World Championships in Berlin Germany! They are certainly there collecting precious metals with a medal standings of 5 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze. Congratulations to all of our winners and the entire Jamaican team. Go team Jamaica, go! I know the I Am Legend II will be a blockbuster, with a stellar cast!

Here are the videos, to relive these great moments!

Bolt 200m Victory

Melanie Walker 400m Hurdles

4 commented:

Can you believe he did this when he was tired! What on earth will eh do when he is well rested?

@Chief Lymer: Man, all I can say is that he is definitely a phenomenon!

Thanks for dropping by!

He is phenomenal indeed.Ja can be duly proud about its perfomances at he Games

Um actually you have been misinformed...They is going to be a I AM LEGEND 2...its coming out in 2010 and will smith is going to be in it...I think they ARE going to start the new film right off after the alternative ending that was in the special features on the first i am legend where we see him driving off at the end to continue his fight against that virus thingy...But yes i have to agree That that man really is