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Monday, August 17, 2009

100m Domination!

On Sunday August 16 we witnessed Usain Bold strike on the tracks at Berlin by shattering the world record and claiming Gold in the 100m sprint. We also saw Asafa Powell cling on to the bronze as he sealed third place for himself. Today the women took their turn at dominance of the track when they stepped on their mark to determine who will claim the title for the women's 2009 IAAF World Championships. Would our women accomplish a similar feat as did Usain or Asafa?

I am back in Mount Vernon, which means no cable and no means of watching this anticipated race. So I had to settle for the live race updates on the 2009 IAAF World Championships website. So there i was sitting in front of the laptop watching the results as they came in, and so went out cheers of joy as i saw the results pop up in front of my eyes! Shelly-Ann Fraser crossed the finish line with a World Leading time of 10.73 seconds, followed closely by her fellow team mate Kerron Stewart, with her Personal Best of 10.75 seconds! Gold and Silver for Jamaica! It would have been all Jamaican victory, but Veronica Campbell-Brown was denied the third place by Carmeleta Jetter. Nevertheless, it was great race today, with very good results.

Congrats to our female 100m athletes, they all did well today and have added to the proud feeling that Jamaicans all over have been feeling since yesterday. In case you all missed the race, here is the clip of the race that I got view a few minutes after the race.

5 commented:

dem shoulda know a Jamaica we come from!

OMG!!! I had goose bumps!! As my cousin said in an email I recently received..."A we run tings, tings nuh run we"!! Wonderful and great performance..."Poetry in motion". Congratulations Girls!!

I think we are too good for the world right now.