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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Four Year Stunner's Afflictions!!!

Once again, my absentmindedness has led me to forget to commemorate my Bloggerversary! As of August 02, 2009 Stunner's Afflictions is four (4) years strong! Who knew that when I signed up on Blogger and typed those few words that I would be still typing all my foolishness still to waste your time [evil laugh].

I must admit though that I have not been posting as regularly as I once did and I guess that's understandable considering that everything and everyone goes through changes. I have evolved and so has my blog... well somewhat. The good thing though is that I am still blogging and I still have the wonderful support of you my readers.

So now as I am here celebrating the fourth year of my blog, I also take this opportunity to say a big thank you my readers, because without you my constant ramblings would be of no use. I hope I can make it yet to another year and to continue to keep you entertained and in some cases informed.


PS: Since you are the readers, let me know what you like to read about or what you would want to see on Stunner's Afflictions. I post my thoughts and experiences, but you too can make an input. So let me know what's on your mind.

8 commented:


Where's the paaarty?

big up my yout. 4 years aint nuttin to sneeze at

Congrats doood. Keep blogging

PS I think you should just blog what you are comfy with

congratulations on your 4th year blogging!

It's you blog and it has been with you blogging whatever you want so continue!

Now as Cranky said before me...where's the party?

Just keep going. I still touch by every once in a while. Strange how life's changes in one aspect of life affect how other parts of our lives work. Just keep doing your thing.

who celebrates blogerverseries anyways? I'd like you to post more about physics! hahahaha

Congratulations!! Keep up the good work!You've been both entertaining and informative so just keep doing your thing.