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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Winds of Change Blowing Me Away

A few posts ago I wrote about redundancies in my company, more specific in my department. I recall mentioning that all the technicians that reported to me were being made redundant and that I was not sure what my role would be in this new restructured company. Well, now I know...

It seems the redundancy exercise has hit closer this time, and can't get any closer than this! I found out that I too was being made redundant along with the other supervisors. I am not shocked, in a sense i was somewhat expecting it. you see, after working in a company that has been doing redundancy exercises every year, sometimes twice per year, since two years after I started, I get to accept that it is just a part of the organization culture. As "sour" as it may seem to be. I know it is said that positions are made redundant and not people, but I beg to differ, as the functions of the technicians and shift supervisors are not being relinquished, but being shoved over to the persons in our sister section of the department. Their Job Title has changed to accommodate our functions added to their existing functions... may God help them. But I am very upset about this redundancy. Why?

I am a bit unsettled by the fact that very soon I will be without a job, without a source of income, unemployed, a bum, but that is not the reason why I'm so upset. As I said before, redundancy is a reality in my company something we have learned to accept, basically it's like old age and death. As companies seek to cut cost and try to be more profitable, they make adjustments as they see fit. one such option is to cut staff, which from my years of experience is the organization I temporarily work for opts for first. So it was just a matter of time. I am upset due to the poor, shabby, unprofessional and dastardly way those who calls themselves senior management went about it. When they announced that the technicians were being made redundant, we asked what would happen to us supervisors. However, they failed to give us a definite answer as to what our role or function would be in this new structure, and gave no indication of us being made redundant. A few days later, about June 25, a fellow supervisor heard that we were being made redundant by the grapevine, later that day meal vouchers arrived for everyone else except the technicians and of course the supervisors. It was not until the said supervisor engaged our manager, that they finally admit that we were also made redundant as of July 1, 2009.

Today, is July 8, and I am still working at the sour place. It seems the so called senior managers in their rush to cut staff and collect their bonus made several illegal moves and the unions got involved. This has delayed the redundancy to July 10, but now I am hearing rumors that it may be extended to the end of this month, once again due to the so called senior managers intellectual blunders. Getting rid of an entire department and imposing their function on the remaining staff didn't go down quite well with those who are being forced to take up the new assignment. Also the so called senior managers didn't consider all the implications of such a change, the processes involved and the very limited number of staff they already have and the even smaller staff they will have after the redundancy. I wouldn't be surprised if they extend my employment to the end of August too. Yuh si, a fi dem job mi want, weh mi can do any foolishness and still collect mi big monthly salary plus get a bonus!

So what will the unemployed Stunner do? Photographer, professional blogger, salesman, male stripper? Well, at the moment I don't have a grand idea, as I have several factors to consider. But one thing is for sure, looking a new job in this harsh economic climate is definitely one option. However, making plans right now is somewhat challenging due to the uncertainty of these bumbling idiots... um I mean these so called senior managers. But after I get that parting letter, I plan to take a few weeks to just clear my head, think things through, come up with a plan of action and then I will execute. I have already started to cut back on my expenses in view of the impending loss of income and also looking at ways to further adjust my lifestyle. Rough times ahead, but just like with a hurricane, we know it's coming but we can't stop it, we just have to batten down and be prepared. Oh and please don't tell me, "as one door closes, many more will open", mi tyad fi hear that statement! [big smile] I will keep you all posted.

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Sorry to hear about this Stunner. I think that break to clear your head sounds like a good idea. All the best when you decide which way to move next.

his and I hope things work out for you in the future.

In times like these I am happy for my Government post. Although I am underpaid I am very grateful to be employed - I may not be able to get buy everything I want but at least I pay my bills and eat food.

Good luck stunner and stay stay focused.

Star....mi sorry fi hear dat. I would be first in line to tuck a few dollars in your G-string if you do decide to do the stripper thing :)

Chin up, sometimes we have to lose something to really achieve our destiny.

Well I hope you started looking in the Sunday Gleaner career section from last week.

Start sending out your applications, from now, it seems you may have a little more time, so at least get the ball rolling.

You may just pop out of one job and find you self in another.

Sorry to hear about your circumstance, Stunner. Star, I know what you are going through.Just be strong and start doing what WOLF said.

Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal.

Sorry to hear Stunner. Now you have me thinking about my plan B. I truly hope there's a follow up post in the near future with a happy ending. All the best in the job hunt. will be alright...start putting out your feelers from now...don't be surprised that you end up in a better off situation after they let you go. Sometimes when we are in a situation where we are relatively comfortable, it causes us not to see the better that is out there and around us. Make sure that when you get your redundancy cheque that you put it into a safe and secure nuh ra$$ institution so it can gwaan get fat!

All de best rude yout!

Dr. D.

Bwoy, Mr. Stunner, I am sorry to hear this news! I hope the redundancy cheque will be fat and I hope you land a big job really soon after this. Good luck, man. Keep in touch so we know whats going on, seen? Also, what type of work do you doi? I will keep an eye on the classifieds over here for you, if you like?

Cme to Vincy come to Vincy.Lol,serious though start sending out those applications and think positively. If all else fails stripper would do

as i said in the other post sorry to hear this but hope that things will work out for you positively

nuh lapsing, hit the ground running with the resumes on point and all that. early bird ketches the worm.

I say male stripper :)

Seriously tho, sorry to hear....Keep us posted

I'm just catching up Stunner. My take on the whole thing is that sometimes it takes a drastic occurrence to jolt us into action. You are such an ambition man, it comes out in your posts and your photos. You could start some kind of business on your own I'm sure ... but the comfort and security of our 9-5 holds us back sometimes, stifles our creativity. I always say, better must come ... and I know deep down you'll find a way to overcome.

Bless up my yout'.

I enjoy reading your blog.

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