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Friday, July 31, 2009

Officially Unemployed

It is now officially official, Stunner is now one of the many unemployed in Jamaica. I went in today to do what they call my exit interview which was nothing more than me signing my redundancy papers, and handing in my ID, access and health cards. I am no longer employed to the "sour" company. It was a bit of mixed feelings today as I handed in my particulars and signed those farewell documents, and somewhat surreal, that this was it, the finale.

I will miss my job, even though at times it was a pain in the neck and a source of much frustration. However, I had such good relationships with my coworkers, so that I know I will miss. even though we we will link up every now and then. But it just won't be the same, to in office jokes, no mutual cussing of how the badly senior managers are performing, no communal lamenting about our meager pay and of course no more heated debates about the topic of the day. Those are the things that make work fun.

Of course, I felt a bit of anxiety too while I signed of those papers, as I know this was the end of my stable income as I know it. Even through the pay wasn't much to talk about, at least I knew I was guaranteed a salary at the end of the month. But now, I will have to rely on the little that I have to sustain me until I can find another job and source of income, whenever that is. On the other hand, this is a new opportunity for me to capitalize on, to try something new or to do the something for better pay. Whatever it is, this opportunity presents me with a whole field of potential to make myself better.

These jobless days will be rough though, I will have to find ingenious ways of surviving off my dwindling savings while I try to find or invent a new job. I guess I'll have to settle down and do more stringent budgets and learn to conserve more until better days come in these harsh economic times, At least with this time though, I'll have a lot of time to pursue my hobby of photography and hopefully get better and good enough to start making some money from it.

One thing is true though, the only thing constant in life is change. So changes must come, whether we like it or not, we just need to embrace the change, good or bad, and learn to deal with it.

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Stunner you don't realize how lucky you are compared to other people. Today at my work place they let go about 10 people, there was a whisper going around that there was a "black list" if names of those to be let go.

They were not made redundant my friend they were simply fired. The strategy used is to fire the most vulnerable such as those who are constantly late, absent or poor performers. The build up is to the flag your file with warning letters in anticipation of what they really want to do which is fire our asses come month end. The call you in a meeting, tell you some BS, give you a termination letter and have security escort you off.

I heard that they are to let go 70 people and 3 junior sups, from the looks of it the axe missed me today but if 70 people are going to be fired then I expect my big head to roll just like anyone else.

As for management, I will hold my tongue out of respect for your blog but trust me they are worst than scum of the earth, for the past few weeks we see all sorts of new faces parading the halls (guys in suites), all sorts of warning emails and new rules being implemented, no friendly "good morning", chit chat or smile. Frequent meetings and as I said picking at the weakest links.

We all know the economy is in a bad state both here and in America where the most of the bushiness comes from but I think this is a way not to pay redundancy money-again Stunner in spite of what you think of your company the process seems more human.

Hope you find a job soon.

So sorry about your 'official' unemployed status. You have the right attitude and you are absolutely right when you said basically the only constant in this life is "change" and thank God for our ability to adapt and persevere. I'm positive with your experience and your hobby something positive will come along soon. Chin up anad hang in there!

so it goes, dude, one door close another one opens, chill, catch up on your drinking, don't spend any money, don't burn your old bridges. It will work out.

stay positive and remember everything happen for a reason!

next week should be funnnnnnnnn

after that it gets old...happy hunting

oh yeah, blog move again, come on by :)