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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Redundancy Update

Before I give you the latest, let me first say thanks to everyone for their words of encouragement and advice, I greatly appreciate it. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was hearing rumors that the redundancy date was being pushed back to July 31, and so, as I am at work this morning, the rumours were true. I found out on Thursday of this week that it was in fact true that we, the unwanted, will be staying until the end of the month. But for me word of mouth had no value and I wanted something in writing. With that in mind, I impressed on my manager the necessity of me receiving something in writing confirming such. And after sternly putting across my concern I got a call from my former HOD and the VP that the redundancy was pushed back until month end and that they will be sending an email to confirm such. The email later followed, so at least now I can start making some initial plans on the way forward, first of which is a well deserved vacation and time to do some reorganizing.

Even though senior idiots... I mean senior management, have made their decision to cut staff the unions have been having meetings with them to at least reduce the numbers being sent home. It seems the company has been cutting staff, despite having contractors doing the same function, which by the union agreement with the company is illegal. Yesterday talks broke down and the non-management staff has been on strike since yesterday. Some interesting things going on, I bet senior management didn't count all this when they devised their devious plot. Well, we'll see how this sour saga unfolds.

One of my theme-songs for this time in my life, check it out. This is one of the few good uplifting songs these days.

10 commented:

big tune!

just stay in high spirits and keep the faith. Everything happen for a reason.

Stunner, you have been writing consistently good posts with remarkable images. This demonstrates your originality and talent. Trust me, whatever comes along, your intelligence and talent will be able to handle the situation.

↑Yes, just keep up yuhself!

You gonna be just fine. Photography will help pay the bills too

Oh no. Not good news at all. YOu'll be alright Stunner...

Ditto what Geoffrey Philps says.

Bwoy Stunner. It rough out there. But you're in a better shape than me. I'm a college graduate searching for a job where even the qualified can't find any.

that sucks guy but well when one door close another will open.

Im so sorry to hear this. But everything happens for a reason they say. I hope its the same for you.

seems like consultants job more secure nowadays. Dude probably have to move go foriegn, so that them can get consultancy work in jamaica, tsk tsk, tsk.

yup.. the saga drags on at our company.

I hope for the best for you, dont make that vacation too long as there are thousands of people in the same boat put back into the job market recently.